2016: This Year I Will…

I ditched writing down goals for the longest time, just because I never really saw the essence of it, especially when I didn’t take my goals seriously in the past. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote down a goal. But for a change, I created a list for 2016. These are a total of 13 goals that are divided into three main sections. I plan to revisit this blog post every quarter just to check if I’m still on track, hoping that I won’t disappoint myself. haha! But really, I’m all excited to what 2016 has in store for me, and these goals are just my guide to a more blissful year! So, shall we?

Personal Goals:

1. Focus on being physically strong. For sure I too, want to have that hourglass shaped body like every girl has been dreaming of, but, this time around, I wanted to focus on the inside rather than the outside of my being. I want to have a strong heart, that won’t struggle as hard after a 60-minute long jog.
2. Read at least 15 books. I was able to finish reading 10 books last year which are mostly young adult themed books. Now I’m lifting the number to 15 for this year.
3. Upgrade my wardrobe. I didn’t really mind buying new clothes back in college because we had uniforms to wear every school days (aside Wednesdays, btw), but that’s not the case when I started working. I constantly felt the need to upgrade my wardrobe after I realized how few the clothes I was wearing over the bunch of clothes inside the closet which are either not fitting me well already, or, don’t satisfy my style anymore. I finished sorting out my clothes last week and gave almost a half of it away. It won’t hurt if I shop for clothes this year, will it?
4. Travel more. I’m okay even to just nearby provinces first.
5. Learn how to do eyebrows makeup. I love my eyebrows! But but but, every time I see those #kilaygoals in social media, I can’t resist but to want it even more! For me, it doesn’t matter if I wear makeups on a daily basis, just those eyebrows on fleek and a lipstick, then I’m good!
6. Minimize the use of facebook. I know this is going to be VERY VERY VERY hard for me! You may not see me post regularly on facebook, but, I often visit my account no matter what! After I woke up, while eating, while riding the MRT, at work, and even before heading to sleep, I still check my facebook account. Since I know, I can’t get rid of it just yet, because of so many IMPORTANT reasons, I plan to just minimize the use of it. By that I mean, eliminating checking of my account every morning before I go to work, just that for now. HAHA! This will also help me not to be late at work. YAAAAS!

Financial Goals:

1. Deposit 6 digits in my savings bank. This goal is inspired by Richel. The truth is, I was really hesitant on putting this on the list, because aside from my monthly obligations at home and my personal expenses, we also have this “other” goal this year, that would require a huge amount of money. Guess I have to be really keen on saving so I can reach this goal at 22 years old or 23-ish (please don’t tell me I’m too old for my first 6 digits. huhu!)
2. Apply for a freelance job. Not everyone knows that I do freelance works back in college. I just want to get back to that.
3. Invest more. I started investing last year (big thanks to Aurika and Zek!), but I wanted to add more. I originally want to venture a new business but it would require ample amount of time for planning, so no rushing!

Blog Goals:

1. Change my blog’s theme. I’ve been using this theme ever since I launched this blog. I was thinking whether to create one or purchase a theme from solopine (and modify it a bit). My humble abode deserves a new look for 2016!
2. Make friends with other bloggers. Can I make a confession? haha! I read A LOT of blogs every day, but I don’t usually leave any footprints in there. Well, I sometimes do drop comments but most of the times, not. This 2016, I’ll try to interact with bloggers as much, just like the good old days.
3. Join blogger’s events. Yes for this!
4. Update my “about me” page When I stumble on a new blog, first thing I do is look for the “about me” page. And I enjoy reading that section! I just thought if it’s also the same with other readers, so just in case, I should prolly beautify my “about me” page anyway.

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Author: Dianne

She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. A full time IT Specialist based in Manila, Philippines who enjoys designing, reading and blogging. She fuels her day with a cup of good coffee in the morning and concludes the night thinking about life.

  • rayrose

    Hi Hope we can be friends πŸ˜€ I am A blogger too and I layout my New year’s list same as yours πŸ˜€ here is my blog post http://www.itsrayrose.com/2016/01/new-years-resolutions-2016.html

    • Sure we can! Thank youuuuu Rayrose! It was nice reading your version of new year’s goals.

  • Inggit! I’m not yet done jotting down my 2016 goals pero kabisado ko sila sa isip at pusok ko. HAHA!

    • At least you already have something in mind, mas madali na isulat. diba? haha!

  • Mei

    I have a lot of goals for 2016 but I chose not to write it down, kasi baka hindi ko naman magawa haha

    For personal goals, I also want to read books. I haven’t even finished a book last year! Haha I also want to be healthier this year, not necessarily strong because I already accepted I’m a weakling haha that’s why I chose yoga as my exercise kasi di masyado nakakapagod hahaha I also want to learn how to do my brows haha the tutorials I watch are not for me haha di ko magawa, ewan ko bakit haha so stick lang ako sa kung sarili kong technique hahaha

    Go for the wardrobe upgrade! I started last year din, naencourage ako ni Gerald haha Magastos, as in, at nakakapanghinayang haha until now di ko alam bat ko ginagawa to hahaha pag ako lang, hindi ko talaga kaya bumili para sa sarili ko haha kaya sumasama lagi si Gerald kasi pinipilit nya ko bumili, sya talaga pumipili ng damit ko hahaha

    Yessss for your travel! So excited for you πŸ™‚ I’ll look forward to your travel posts. Oo kahit malapit lang, mas okay nga yun eh, mas tipid. Hehe Ako pahinga muna sa travel. Sinagad na last year eh hahaha

    For financial goals, I also want to save more and invest! I have started last year but I want to expand it and hopefully start a business. Where are you investing, btw?

    And last for blogging goals, goodluck for us both on this haha pareho tayong halos kakasimula lang! And sana makaattend din ako ng blogger events haha Yes for your about me page! I always visit the About page too! Haha

    Goodluck on your goals! Hope you’ll be able to achieve them all πŸ™‚

    • I’m still afraid to try yoga tho. I’ve tried doing Pilates once. Diba it’s similar with yoga? Ung stretching stretching na part? I died doing that!! haha! We have different kinds of body type and it’s cool that you can do yoga. It’s a good exercise din talaga.

      Agree! I know it will be super duper magastos, pero it’s a little investment for myself na din. I don’t like shopping unlike other girls. Nasstress ako, feels like I can’t decide what to buy. I keep on roaming around the mall in search of what I really want. But I hope it’s going to be fun this time, and I’ll set a budget for that.

      Yeeeyy! Travel muna sa malalapit. I have financial goals this year so, I won’t be spending as much for travels din. πŸ™‚ I’ll PM you where I’m investing!

      We can attend together if you like. Masaya din diba maka-meet ng ibang bloggers at least hindi lang sila virtual friends. haha. Will do my about page any time this month, push ko to!

      Thanks Mei!

      • Mei

        Hindi ako familiar sa Pilates. Haha I love stretching kasi! Kaya siguro okay ako sa yoga. Hehe ayoko ng jogging, nakakapagod kasi hahaha siguro okay ako sa mga exercises na on place lang. Depende nga siguro sa kaya ng body.

  • That’s a great list. I wish you achieve all your dreams this year. Enjoy as it happens!

    • Thanks Lux! I wish the same for you. πŸ™‚

  • Personal
    I aim to read 25 books this year versus the three books I read last year. Failure. Do you have a GoodReads account? You can try their challenge so you would be reminded.

    I kinda need to upgrade my wardrobe as well like choose a color priority or go on Earth colors, or maybe black & white. I dunno. Lol. Let’s check out fashion bloggers to get inspirations.

    I should include your #1 list on my list as well. Saving will save my ass when something not good happen on me. And girl, how young really are you huh? 22/23 is still young. We are still babies. πŸ˜› I’m turning 25 already this Feb and I only have 5 digits of savings which I believe will be spent on my birthday. Okay, let’s aim for 6 digits. Soon! πŸ™‚

    I also wanted a freelance job, even it’s not high paying.

    I miss the old blogosphere where we make more friends than earning and getting stuff from blogging.

    • Yes I have. But I don’t use it often kaya I still don’t know much about it. I use it mainly for reviews and recommended books, and for storage purposes, other than that, I have yet to discover. I’ll search about that challenge later! Thanks Clint!

      I plan to have the basics, like you said yung mga earth colors. I love getting inspirations from fashion bloggers pero bakit ganon? Kapag ako na nagsusuot hindi na masyado maganda. haha! But let’s see.

      It’s not too late to save! But it’s also important to treat yourself, kaya push yang birthday celebration. πŸ™‚ Yes, kahit sideline lang, anything actually kasi I have regular job naman to support my needs.

      I super miss too! Kaya ang saya na unti unti na bumabalik ung mga bloggers noon.

  • Amen on number #1! I actually want to start working out so I can be physically stronger. At 26, I already feel so week and brittle. If I get ripped in the process, that’s a plus. But so long as I become stronger, I’m good!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    • Yes! I also noticed that I get easily tired after a long walk, and my metabolism is waaaay different compared before. Strong is the new sexy!

  • I used to have a goal of reading 45 books a few years ago, I only read 20. Lol. I hope you can fulfill this one because amidst all of our schedules and work, reading books can take you places, meet people and know things just by sitting! It wasn’t really that hard. Haha.

    • I agree. That’s why I love reading, feels like I’m in a different dimension every time I read. Plus, I can do it anywhere, anytime just as long as I’m not occupied with work or chores. I hope I won’t fail my goal this year!

  • I loved reading this list! Those are great goals for the year, I believe. I wish you the best of luck in achieving all of them and of course, for you to have a meaningful, blessed year. πŸ™‚

    • I really hope to achieve this all within the year. I wanted to put several goals pa, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to accomplish all, if I added pa. haha. Thank you Cara!

  • omg, we have similar personal, financial and blogging goals, haha! even this one . 5. Learn how to do eyebrows makeup. πŸ˜€ because I have the most terrible one, lol. It’s a great list, Dianne! Just stay focused on your goals! God bless! πŸ™‚

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