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Here we go again, my birthday is coming in less than a month. I’m turning 24 real soon, no shame! You’ve surly have read this A LOT of times already. and you’ll be reading this more, “time fly by so fast”. Yes, it really does. My first job interview was so clear and fresh in my memory that it feels as if it was only yesterday when it happened. But no, I’m working for almost 3 years now and this whole adulting is making me cray cray.

You’ve read it, I’m not going to write a lengthy birthday blog post and be overly dramatic today. Maybe on my next post, perhaps? I’ll be sharing with you my birthday wishlist which I know the only person who’s willing and honored to buy these stuff is ME, MYSELF and I. lol! So technically, I’m writing this to remind myself to buy these things anytime soon. Spoil yo’self on your day, you girl! With that, let’s make this list feasible and economical on my part. Let’s start?

My 5 Birthday Wishlist

1. L’Oreal LA Palette Nude – If you’re following me on twitter, you would know that I’m trying to turn my makeup game into the next level. Thus, having a good eyeshadow palette to use is a MUST! All I need is an affordable palette with basic nude colors to play with. And I heard this palette from L’Oreal is comparable to high end brands, so yes, I’m probably getting this one, not unless I’ll discover something better. Any suggestions?

2. Huawei P9 360 Casing No better explanation needed but, I’m clumsy and I tend to be careless with my things, hence, scratches on my phone. I don’t have full tempered glass and I heard full TG for Huawei P9 creates bubbles which I don’t like. My solution, I’m getting a 360 case for my phone. That’s it!

3. Coffee Maker My coffee lover heart screams for hot brewed coffee. Did I say enough?

4. Gym Bag I know there are a lot of us out there who find motivation to hit the gym by buying cute workout essentials. I know it’s impractical to buy a new one when I already have one my own and being impractical is soooo NOT me. But hear me out, I want NEED a bigger and more spacious bag. haha. Okay, I don’t really need but I’ll buy one anyway.

5. New Haircut (again) I mentioned on my previous blog post how high-maintenance my medium-length hair is now. It should not have been the case if my hair wasn’t rebonded, but all the damage had already been done. I want to cut off all the rebonded part of my hair. Imagine how short that would be. I already have my hair pegs but I’m still getting all the self-courage I could get to convince myself that I can pull this off. Any thoughts?

Adding to the list is an eyelash enhancer. Who doesn’t want a longer and fuller lashes?


Ooopps! I’m not ending this blog post yet, cos it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! I am throwing my first ever giveaway under this blog, Sun-kissed Wanderer, along with my blogger friends Clint and Mei! Let’s say, this is my way to say thank you for welcoming and supporting my new domain name and all the changes I made for this blog. I’ve read your positive tweets and comments, BIG THANKS!

Joining is easy! Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below and get a chance to be one of the 3 lucky winners of the gift sets from us. This giveaway is strictly for Philippine residents only, and no giveaway accounts allowed.

Three Gift Packages

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends on June 7, 2017, 12 MN. Thanks for joining!

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She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. A full time IT Specialist based in Manila, Philippines who enjoys designing, reading and blogging. She fuels her day with a cup of good coffee in the morning and concludes the night thinking about life.

  • Bae Milanes

    Super bongga ng giveaway niyo grabe! How many winners will there be?? Super excited for the announcement. Whoever wins, I’m already happy for him/her! Of course, sali ako. πŸ˜›

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    Thank you for sharing your blessings thru giveaway! More blessings and Happiest Birthday! πŸ™‚

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  • Raine Dominisac Valdehueza

    Ang bongga ng give aways nyo. Thank you for sharing it! May God continue to bless you. Advance happy birthday Dianne ???

    Lorraine Bernardino

  • I was planning to get that palette, too, pero mas bet ko yung sa LA Girl cos of its rose shades. I think okay na yan since you’re just starting and digging for natural look. πŸ™‚

    And yaaaas, joing the giveaway at 2:10AM. Love loooove. Sana manalo ako, hahaha. Congrats on you, Clint, and Ate Mei! πŸ™‚

  • Happy birthday diane!! Hope you’ll receive all the things listed above. Amd your giveaway is a bomb. Yayy. Hope I’ll win. God bless you..

    Ashley Claisse

  • Happy birthday, Diane πŸ™‚ Hope you’ll receive all the items on your wishlist β™₯

    Hazel Asoy

  • Mas ginaganahan ako to workout if I have a gym bag! Hahaha. I do home workout lang, but I feel the need to buy a gym bag. Hahaha.

    I think short hair will look good on you! I just joined your giveaway; I hope I’ll win!! Hahah.

    Happy birthday, Diane! I hope you’ll have a blast ?

  • Kai

    Happy birthday, Ate Dianne πŸ™‚ I joined he giveaway hehe. Hope you’ll receive your wishlist, if not all then at least one πŸ˜€


  • Karen Acut

    Happy Birthday sis and congrats to your blogs πŸ™‚ Thanks also for the giveaways πŸ™‚

    Karen A. Acut

  • Rthur Flores

    Happy birthday po ?

    R-thur R. Flores III

  • Happy birthday Dianne! And congrats on the new look and domain of your blog. I’m loving it! πŸ˜€

    Angelica|The PolyHobbyist

  • Arlene Y. Aquino

    Happy Birthday po!

  • I’ve tried using a 360 case on my iPhone and I didn’t like it πŸ™ It was so bulky but Idk what it looks like on your P9 though.

  • clar

    Happy birthday gurllll! More power and godbless ü❀️
    Name: Clarisse Agco
    Email: ann098030@gmail.com

  • Kathleen Faith Abuyog

    Hapy birthday! Lovin’ your blog, it’s beautiful. Thank you so much for hosting this awesome giveaway! More power to you ?
    Kathleen Faith Abuyog

  • Jennifer Timonel

    Happy happy birthday bhe. I wish that all your wishes will come true. God bless & more power!.
    Name: Jennifer Duran Timonel
    Email: jennytimonel.08@gmail.com

  • Happy Birthday! More blessings to come and good health for you!
    Thank you for the opportunity to join yoyr giveaway, im hoping to win, it would be a great 18th bday gift for me πŸ™‚
    God bless and take care always!

    -Jeazell Ann Grace

  • Sophia Nicole

    Goodluck on your Blog, I can see potential in you sissy. And also, Happy Birthday! May your wishes be granted ?

    Sophia Gonzales

  • Yhanie Lim

    I hope you’ll get all the things good for your life. Happy birthday dear!

  • Ira Dacanay

    Happy Birthday, Dianne ? one of my birthday wishlist is an instax mini 8 ?? i hope you have fun on your day ❀️
    name: Ira Dacanay
    email address: iradacanay0402@gmail.com

  • Happy Birthday!!!

    Jonalyn Falculan

  • jhenie relampagos

    Happy Birthday po πŸ˜‰ Hope you complete your wishlist for your birthday.

    Jhenie Relampagos

  • Jeanette Layar

    Happy Birthday! Wish you more followers and subscribers! Hope you a success in life and good health. Thank you for this cute and generorus giveaways. Stay pretty and fun??
    Hope your wish come true!??

    Jeanette Erpelo Layar

  • Yay! Happy birthday! ? I hope you get the things you wanted. (I wish I did this last week pala) hahaha. I suggest you buy the Morphe 35O eyeshadow palette! Hehe I have that one and it’s soooo good.

  • Augusto Capote

    Augusto Capote

  • Dezlee Marquez

    Happy Birthday po!! ?
    Janie Dezlee Marquez

  • It is very generous of you three! πŸ˜€ Thank you for the chance of wining!

    Jubilee Macatangay
    mhyrr_xhieh18 @ yahoo.com

  • joan rafunzel medina

    Happy Birthday !

    Generous Blogger. Gusto ko din maging blogger before kasi I like reviewing things lalo na pang make up pero on my own lang, Hope I can be like the three of you. Thank you for the chance.

    joan rafunzel magdasoc medina

  • Arleen Oboguin

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. Love to win???
    Arleen Oboguin

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    Happy and Blessed birthday to you! Thank you for hosting a fab giveaway. more power!

    Arra Odeza

  • Kyla Angelle Rabe

    Happy birthday ate! Yay!???? May your wishes come true. I’ll include that in my ???. Also, I wish you good luck in life. I hope you can inspire more people (especially teenagers like me). God bless you po. XxCarpeDiemxX

    Kyla Angelle Rabe

  • Ivy Merylle Disono

    So excited about your blog and giveaways! Hoping to win! ???

    Ivy Merylle Disono

  • As I grow older, I tend to think that short hairstyles fit most people! I think you can rock it. I’m thinking of cutting mine short again, too. Hehe. Did you have your birthday already or not yet? Happy birthday, anyways! <3

    xo, Richel V.

  • Jamaica Natividad

    Happy Birthday!! ❀
    Thank you for your generosity ?

    Jamaica Natividad

  • Happy Birthday Dianne! I hope that you’ll be able to achieve your wishlist and your goals! <3

    Ahh the struggle of having a rebonded hair, as the time goes by mas lalo siyang nagdadry πŸ™ I want to cut dry part pero takot ako baka may violent reaction yung buhok ko kasi buhaghag yung hair ko. Haha. I think you can slay the short hair! :)) + Ang ganda ng blog mo!!!! <333