Boracay Island: Our First Legit Vacation Together

Boracay Philippines blog

Before you proceed on reading, let me say this first, THIS-IS-NOT-A-TRAVEL-GUIDE or anything the like. This is another travel diary about me, him, us and our first legit vacation together. Don’t worry, I’ll create a separate blog post for all useful things I can share including our expenses and whatnot cos I love y’all! But for now, I want to write freely and just share our story without any pressure and doing much research. So if we’re good at that, let’s start!

August 13, 2017

I worked from home and was on a graveyard shift the day before our Boracay trip so I had to rush things and catch our 9:45 AM flight going to Kalibo with literally no sleep. Jhori was already waiting when I finished packing. We headed straight to NAIA, ate breakfast and waited until our boarding time at the airport. Oh, did I tell you that this trip was also a celebration of our 5th year anniversary? Yep, sounds cheesy! lol! We celebrated our anniversary the next day which I’m happy to be sharing on my next blog post. So I hope you can stick around!

As per the title, this was our first legit trip together. When I say “legit”, it means it’s the very first time that we were able to go out of town without anyone accompanying us. Of course, we did several out-of-town day trips together but not exactly a “vacation trip”, if that’s how to call it. As of writing, we are already days more than 5 years together and people might wonder why it’s only now that we were able to cross this out from the usual couple list. Honestly, there’s no serious point or certain explanation for that question but maybe it’s only now that we were able to get an opportunity to finally do it. Besides, it wasn’t our goal back in college and there were a lot of more important things to prioritize even after graduating. You see, no certain reason at all.

Boracay Philippines blog

Our flight was booked early when AirAsia had its seat sale last year. I scored our round-trip tickets in less than Php 1,000 inclusive of tax. It was a pretty nice deal, don’t you think? I was really sleepy so I slept the whole plane and van ride until we reached the very beautiful Boracay island.

Boracay Philippines blog

It was my third time to visit Boracay while it was Jhori’s first. I was there last February with my friends and I can say that it was really a fun trip worth remembering. I actually blogged about it which you may read under my blog’s travel category. Same place but different experience, that I can attest. I honestly don’t mind going back to places I like with another company. It still feels exciting as if it was the first time. What more if it means spending the days with the person who makes my life extra amazing for the past 5 years? You know the answer.

Boracay Philippines blog

We didn’t have a pre-booked accommodation and thought it was fine because it wasn’t even a peak season, to begin with. Boracay wasn’t crowded as expected and we easily got an available room for an affordable rate. We checked in at Eriko’s House if you’re wondering. We paid Php 1,000.00 per night which was already quite affordable, considering that it was almost in beach front of Station 2. Location-wise, Eriko’s House is a good place to stay in if you’re looking for a budget-friendly accommodation.

We didn’t bother checking other accommodations when we saw that the room has the basic amenities that we needed. They also have available WiFi but the catch was, it was only available in the lobby. lol! The signal couldn’t reach our room so we had to stay in the lobby every time we wanted to go online and upload photos. It was irritating at first but we eventually thought it was okay so we would be forced to not look at our mobile phones every now and then. Guess what? It actually worked!

Boracay Philippines blog

Boracay Philippines blog

Boracay Philippines blog

It was a chill kind of day for us, no activities to occupy us. We chose to walk around and fill our eyes with Boracay’s majestic view. We went to the beach after settling in our room and did what was needed to be done, picture-taking! I thank my camera’s timer for our photos taken together. Funny how I was so conscious about my hair. I didn’t bring my blow dryer and didn’t want to have a messy big hair on photos. I tried my best not to splash it with saltwater but I failed. I endured a messy big hair all throughout my stay in Boracay. It wasn’t as bad as I was imagining. It was okay, quite nice even.

Boracay Philippines blog

Boracay Philippines blog

We were feeling hungry and couldn’t wait until after sunset to finally eat dinner. We decided to skip sunset watching and move it on the next day instead. We went back to our room right after dinner and I couldn’t help but fall asleep as soon as we return to our room. Can’t blame me, remember that I came straight from work prior to this trip? Yes, that explains. Jhori stayed awake while watching a movie. I’m not really sure if he slept too, though. But I’m guessing he did.

Boracay Philippines blog

I woke up at around 11:00 PM and decided to go outside to chill some more. We had a few drinks and snacks while enjoying each other’s company. I don’t like drinking alcoholic beverages, but that day I did. Cos hello, I was in Boracay, y’all! We were sitting near the seashore and it was just the perfect night to leave all our worries and anxieties back in Manila and just physically and mentality be there at that moment.

We talked as much as if we don’t talk a lot. We laughed as much as if we haven’t laughed as hard before. It was only our first day, yet I already felt the eagerness to travel more places, discover more foods and take more photos together. Cos that day I finally knew how it felt like to travel with the person who makes your days extra sparkly, sometimes annoying but mostly sparkly.

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  • Aww, this is so sweet!! Celebrating anniversaries in Boracay sounds so fun and romantic ❤️

    xo, lianne mac

  • I can’t wait to see Boracaaaaay! We’ll be going there next week and this post made more exciteeeed! I am with my boyfriend too but with friends haha. We still can’t go on our own #strictparents. But maybe one day. 😀 Happy 5th anniversary to the both of you Dianne!:D

    Angelica|The PolyHobbyist

  • Cheap flight deal! Not bad! Happy 5th anniversary to the both of you! 🙂 Just one question, you didn’t book a room beforehand, so how did you look for the hotel… did you like, pick the first one you saw ganun or did you go around to look for the best hotel deal you can get? I’m just curious, hehe. Nice photos by the way! I love the colors!! <3

    Nika |

  • Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! More, more, more years for the both of you.

    Affordable flight and hotel, FTW! I miss Boracay. I have been there once only and I really liked it. It’s second to Baguio on my list of favorite places in the Philippines. I have to agree that you would really enjoy drinking alcoholic drinks if you’re in Boracay, because I did. Your hair looked okay to me, not big.


  • This is one kind of blogpost I love reading. Just making kwento about the trip and how fun it been, well I guess that’s because my post is more likely like this kind of entry. hehehe! Anyway, Happy Anniversary to both of you and congrats on your first ever legit trip together. 🙂

    wow! that’s a really nice deal. A thousand for a round-trip ticket? Room accommodation for a thousand? Nice! Lucky, nyay, I think good you both have good diskarte! Push yan! Seat sale is life! Mura is life! How long did you stay in Boracay? Hope to see more of your trip soon!


  • Clarisa

    Happy anniversary to you and your boyfriend, Dianne! <3

    I haven't been to Boracay, sana makapunta ako soon! Haha! Looks like you two had so much fun!

  • Happy anniversary! Better late than never. Haha! I like your Boracay photos! Hindi pa din ako nakakapunta dyan, sabi mo mag-abang ako ng seat sale. Push ko nga yan bago matapos ang taon. Haha! Or summer next year. Ang tagal ko na gusto pumunta dyan. XD