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    Nth Attempt to Blog Again

    I was so close to abandoning this blog like how I usually do it when I come from a long blogging break. Thought I’ll just get another domain and start all…

  • Liebster Award 2016

    The Liebster Award 2016

    I am both excited and glad to accept this Liebster award given by Mei and Jonine. This kind of tags/awards are going on around the blogosphere for quite a while now…

  • 4 Years Anniversary
    Food Personal

    Just Turned Four

    One of the reasons why I posted a bf/gf tag earlier this month is because of this event that’s special to both of us! Yes, our anniversary! We officially turned 4…

  • Boyfriend Girlfriend Tag

    Q&A with Me & My Main Man

    Warning! This isn’t the kind of blog post I usually write about. If you guys noticed, I don’t often share things about me and Jhori in my social media accounts, not…

  • May and June Highlights

    Back to my Regular Programming

    And I’m back, lovelies! I’m not even sure if anyone has noticed my absence. That’s almost two months of absence from the blog and that also means a lot of writing…

  • Revisiting 2016 Goals Q1

    Revisiting My 2016 Goals: Q1

    With all honesty, this is quite a difficult blog post to make, coz as expected, I don’t think I’m still on track (kind of) with the list of goals I created…

  • Personal

    2016: This Year I Will…

    I ditched writing down goals for the longest time, just because I never really saw the essence of it, especially when I didn’t take my goals seriously in the past. I…