Everything Artsy at Pinto Art Museum – Antipolo, Rizal

Pinto Art Musem

It was an artsy kind of day last Saturday. Me and my colleagues went all the way to Antipolo, Rizal to catch a sight of Pinto Art Museum. I’ve been hearing a lot of rave reviews about the place in social media, and being the curious girl I am, I wanted to see it live myself. I am definitely not an artsy-craftsy person, but who would not fall in love with this kind of art, ambiance, and architecture? I am well aware, photos can be very deceiving especially with all the photo editing applications and high-end cameras we have today, a place may look different than it really is. So I’m very glad that we were able to push this trip despite our very demanding schedules!

We arrived at around 10:00 AM after an hour of traveling from Cubao. It was sunny and windy both at once when we arrived, just the perfect weather to roam around. We paid 180.00 pesos each, good for an all day tour around the place. They also provided Pinto Art Museum maps for each of us upon entrance. The entrance is very simple and not as gigantic as to other museums, but lo and behold, walk in ’til you see the art wonderland behind the doors!

The place is a mixture of minimalist and contemporary design which is definitely my thing. There were so many art pieces made by Filipino painters, some are intriguing and disturbing which reminded me of the book I recently read, “Confess” by Colleen Hoover. We couldn’t resist to shoot a lot of photos because believe me, every corner is picturesque! The place is perfect for prenup shoots, in fact, I saw a handful of amateur photographers inside along with their models. I also spotted few love birds who were enjoying their pleasant walk. The ambiance itself is very relaxing, the work of art and the landscaping made it even more breathtaking. I instantly fell in love to this place.

I always become more eager to save up for a decent camera during times like this. I could have captured a lot of quality photos if it weren’t for the just-ok-quality photos that a mobile phone offers. I intentionally did not upload a lot of photos on this blog post because I’m planning to have my second visit any time soon. So I’m sharing some of the group shots we had taken inside the museum instead. Take a look!

Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Musem

Pinto Art Musem

We headed to Antipolo Church and reflected. I also bought my ever favorite cashew nuts and coco jam. We did not stay long there because it was already pass lunch time and we hadn’t ate anything yet except for the sandwich we bought just around the place. We then decided to try the foods at Maginhawa St., we took a van going to Cubao then took a bus going to Philcoa. We walked from there going to our next stop. It was not my first time in Maginhawa but with the numerous number of restaurants available in the place, I still have a lot to cross out from my list.

Artsy Cafe

Artsy Cafe

Artsy Cafe caught our attention and since we were already hungry and tired, we decided to go in and give their food a try. I ordered Carbonara, you know how much I love this food. We stayed a little longer after we finished eating to take a rest, then we decided to stroll around and find another restaurant for our dessert cravings, yes, cake! We spotted Dorissimo Pastries and ordered 4 slices of cakes.

I went home at around 6:30 in the evening, dead tired but fulfilled! I highly recommend Pinto Art Museum to all enthusiast. The entrance fee, 180.00 pesos is affordable enough to the experience! The museum is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Below are other information you may need for your visit.

How to get there by Public Transportation from Cubao:

  • Take the LRT 2 Cubao Station and take off to Santolan station.
  • Ride a jeepney or FX going to Antipolo and get off at Ynares Center.
  • Ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you at Grand Heights Subdivision. (You can ask the guard at the entrance of Grand Height Subdivision for the Pinto Art Museum’s location but it’s just near the entrance gate of the subdivision

Entrance Fee:

  • PHP180 for regular ticket
  • PHP150 for senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs
  • PHP 100 for children and students with proper school IDs
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Author: Dianne

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  • Love the place. Thanks for sharing

  • I love art. That place looks cool. Cheers!

  • Ron Angelo

    The museum look great and relaxing. The artwork look awesome/weird as expected. Hopefully we get to see more pics when you return there.

  • More than the art displayed, I fell in love with Pinto’s structural aesthetics. I loved the whitewashed walls and open spaces. So relaxing.

  • Jessica

    Haven’t been here though it’s pretty close from my place, Pasig. Thanks for this write-up, Karol. Funny, we met in the blogging world. Hahahaha.

  • Have not visited this place yet. one day ill find time hehe. this place looks like a nice spot for some SLR shots/

  • Ten

    Last month I was in Antipolo but never had a chance to visit that pace. :)) next time.

  • I remember another blogger who blogged about this museum in Antipolo. It must be getting popular. I’ll make sure, I’ll remember the name of this museum for my future travels.

  • Aika Lopez

    The last time I visited an art museum was maybe during elementary fieldtrip days. I usually see Pinto on my feeds. I would love to visit the place too! Been to Artsy at Maginhawa and they serve great food. The ambiance is also nice. Hope to see you soon again, Dianne! <3

  • OMG. I love the place!!

  • Has always been a pleasure going to museums. I’ve never been to this one though. Worth the visit.

  • Never had a chance to visit arts museum.. thanks for taking as there ^_^

  • I fell in love with Pinto Art Museum, just like how I assume how everyone else who visited it felt. Your photos look amazing.

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Pinto Art Museum!!! When we went to Antipolo, we weren’t to able to pass by cos we’re off to other destinations. I should’ve listed Pinto! From the photos I’ve seen around, it’s really beautiful. Hope to visit soon!