Experience Boracay: Helmet Diving and Puka Beach

Our second day in Boracay involved helmet diving and a visit to Puka Beach. For a non-swimmer like me, it was a real struggle to see better views of the underwater world by only looking through goggles while wearing a life jacket. No matter how I wanted to do a free dive, I couldn’t cos it’s not advisable if you don’t know how to swim like a pro. So thanks to whoever discovered helmet diving, it helped me experience what was it like down in the sea without worrying about drowning. Yaaaayyy!

Boracay Helmet Diving

Boracay Helmet Diving

We ate quick brunch at around 11:00 AM before heading to our first activity of the day, helmet diving. From the agency booth, we rode a speed boat going to the Helmet Diving Floating Platform. Upon arrival, we were asked to wait until 1:30 PM because the divers who will assist us were still on a lunch break. It wasn’t much of a big deal cos they allowed us to jump in the sea and handed us life rings and goggles. Swimming around kept us entertained as we waited for our turn. From the surface, hundreds of fishes were already visible, what more at the bottom floor?

Boracay Helmet Diving

Boracay Helmet Diving

Finally, we were called for our turn. They took a photo of us prior to the activity and explained to us some hand signals to be used once we reached the bottom of the sea. Obviously, you can barely hear anything from down there except for the sea sound. That was why basic hand signals were provided in case we needed to communicate to one another. They also taught us different ways to recover when experiencing too much pressure in the ears. Try to remember what to do cos the pressure at the bottom is high. But you may always seek help using the emergency hand signal if the pressure is already unbearable.

We lined up one by one as they assisted us to the floor of the sea and I was second in the line. Upon reaching the bottom, the diver asked me several times if I was okay, I responded using the “I’m okay” hand signal taught to us. He stayed there for a long minute ensuring that I was really okay, and yes I was okay! haha! I felt discomfort in my ears due to pressure but I did what they told us to do, I swallow every single time to recover and it never failed me.

Boracay Helmet Diving

Boracay Helmet Diving

Boracay Helmet Diving

There was an abundance of fish at the bottom! They were everywhere! The divers also provided us with pieces of bread so that the fishes will come near to us making it easier to catch picture perfect moments, but guess not. Cos they were so many that they were covering our faces from the photos already. Photos above were some of the decent ones we had. The divers were taking photos and videos as souvenirs too, so no need to worry if you do not have any underwater camera with you. It’s included in the package. We stayed there for a good 15 minutes if you are wondering.

Puka Beach

Boracay Helmet Diving

Next stop, Puka Beach! We heard that food at Puka beach was more overpriced compared to Station 1, 2 and 3. So we dropped to a nearby convenient store and bought snacks so we could have something to eat. But of course, products at the convenient store were already overpriced in itself because again, we were on an island. haha! We rode a tricycle going to Puka Beach and paid Php 300.00 for all the five of us. The sun was at its peak when we arrived and as much as we hated to, we bought 16 oz sprite worth Php 200.00 so we could avail a seat and table with shade. We felt robbed!

Boracay Helmet Diving

Boracay Helmet Diving

Boracay Helmet Diving

The sand wasn’t as powdery compared to Station 1, 2 and 3 but there were fewer people there. So if you are after a quite relaxing trip, then feel free to visit Puka Beach. There were also a lot of souvenir stores in the area, you may check them out as well. We didn’t stay too long cos we needed to catch the Ash Wednesday in the church by 6:00 PM. By the way, it isn’t true that there were no people around us in these photos. Don’t be deceived! It happens when you removed the photobombers in the photos. haha!

Dinner and a Glimpse of Boracay Night Life

Boracay Helmet Diving

We ate at a Filipino-inspired buffet restaurant in Station 3. We were required to remove our footwear upon entering the restaurant following an Asian tradition. It was the first time I experienced such in a restaurant and it wasn’t a biggie to me at all but I’m not sure how foreigners would react to it, though. I love the ambiance of the place. There was also a live song number played with an acoustic guitar, we loved all the songs he played and his voice too. It completed the romantic and relaxing ambiance of the place as if he was serenading the people. Good job, Kuya!

Boracay Helmet Diving

Boracay Helmet Diving

After dinner, we went on a long walk by the seashore and chill to one of the bars there. I only ordered hot coffee, cos coffee is life! After an hour or so, we went to a club and checked out what the fuss about Boracay night life was about. Boracay had full of life at night with all the people around and the loud music here and there! To be honest, we were only checking around, and we didn’t have plans to stay there for long. We went back to our room after an hour. We were all tired and sleepy, but happy of course for another amazing day that concluded.

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Author: Dianne

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  • Elisha

    This is actually one of my bucket lists that I really wanna visit! Hopefully within this year I could go to this place! Such a great post babe! Looking for more great photos soon! Hopefully you could visit my blog too! Have a nice day!

    Elisha | http://loveelisha.net

    • Definitely a fun place to visit. Aside from these activities, Boracay has so much more to offer! πŸ™‚ I actually clicked your blog’s link on the other tab before I even read your comment. haha! I love reading blogs.

  • Love your photos, Diane! πŸ™‚ Havent tried helmet diving yet, but ugh, I’ve wanting to try it.

    • Thanks Jonine! I’m still learning how to better post-process photos, but at least you loved them. hihi! You should tried! And just a tip, don’t panic when you feel discomfort in your ears due to pressure, that’s normal. They’ll teach you how get rid of it naman.

  • Oh my gosh! I want to try that helmet diving! When’s the best time of the year to go to Boracay? I know summer is peak season and it gets really crowded but I also don’t want to go there during the rainy season.


    • Yes, I believe it gets crowded during summer too but I think it’s still okay as long as it’s not the laboracay week.

  • What??? Sprite costs 200 pesos????!!! Talk about tourist traps. Anyway, I am soooo naiinggit right now! Grabe, look at the fishes! Look at the water!!! Everything is just so breathe-taking and it looks so much fun! I am not a very good swimmer so I guess the thought of “diving” makes me a little bit nervous but I would swallow up my fear if I can experience something as beautiful as this.

    Keep the posts coming! Your photos are so fun to look at!

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

    • I knoooow! But we had no choice cos we needed the seat and table. haha! You should try, it was really fun. I’m just happy that I finally experienced this after eyeing for quite a while. Thanks for always checking out my Boracay series! Last na ung susunod promise. haha!

      • No worries sis, I love reading travel posts! Especially if it is in the Philippines. I am looking forward to more travel posts from you! Haha.

        I am curious, did you consult a travel and tours agency? Or kayo mismo nagorganize, nagcontact ng guides, etc.?

        PS. I tagged you in my post, I hope you don’t mind!

  • Clarisa

    Ako na lang ata ang hinde nakakapunta ng Boracay! I hope I can visit Boracay soon, too! Grabe may mga foreign colleagues na nakapunta na, and they keep telling me na they loved it. One even said it’s her most favourite island so far. I can’t comment kasi shame on me, I haven’t been there! Haha!

    Regarding the helmet diving, I have read blogs before that it’s not entirely safe. Good thing you enjoyed it and everything went okay for you.

    Looking forward to your next posts, Dianne! πŸ™‚

    – Clarisa, helloclarisa.com

    • Nakakaproud naman to hear that, especially now that many Filipinos don’t recommend Boracay anymore cos it’s too mainstream and crowded. And I won’t judge you for skipping Boracay, I mean, we have lots of beautiful islands here in PH!

      Really? I didn’t know that! Maybe depends of how deep the ocean floor will be. But I’m glad we’re safe.

  • Ang mahal naman ng sprite for 200 pesos! Sobrang overpriced.
    I haven’t been to Boracay, not a beach person (I think I’m the only one lol) but I’d like to try that Helmet Diving, someday maybe. hehe!
    Anyway, it’s nice to be here Dianne <3

    ~Rania – http://www.pastelsandplaces.com/

    • I couldn’t agree more. We were joking the whole time how tasteful that sprite was, as if it was soooo different compared to other sprites. LOL! Thanks for dropping by Rania!

  • Okay, that soda is too pricey.

    I feel like I didn’t had enough of Boracay reading your posts about your trip. I didn’t even know there are activities like these. Maybe when I come back?

    And I no swimmer as well.


    • You can always go back naman, we’re lucky we are in PH, it’s easier than travelling abroad. I have plans to go back in the coming months too, cos I’m yet to try parasailing. Hopefully, the boyfriend can join too.

      It’s not too late to learn how to swim, yes? I tell that to myself too. haha!

  • 200php? my goodness! =()
    pero ang ganda nyang helmet diving ba. <3 gusto ko matry. ok lang kaya kahit di marunong lumangoy? πŸ˜€

    • Hindi makatarungan diba? haha! Pero naisip din namin baka kasi dahil konti lang ung tao sa Puka Beach kaya sobrang mahal ng bentahan. Yes sis! Pwedeng pwede kasi hindi din ako marunong lumangoy, pero nakaka-float naman ako konti. haha.

  • Mei

    Grabe thanks talaga sa Helment Diving na yan naexperience nating mga di marunong lumangoy ang makapag-“dive” hahaha
    Saan yang filipino buffet restaurant? Puro buffet kami nung nagboracay kami pero di naman nakita yan.
    Nung nagpunta kami wala masyadong night life bat ganon haha gusto sana namin pumarty party kaso ang konti ng tao kaya nakakahiya haha
    nung nagpuka beach kami ang binili namin shake ang mahal din! 80 ata ang isa nun. Hahaha kaloka.

    • I hate myself, nakalimutan ko talaga ung name ng buffet restaurant na yon. As usual, tamad talaga ako maglista. Really? Nangyayari pa ba sa Boracay na walang night life?! What time kayo naglibot libot? haha! Wait, wala akong nakitang 80 pesos sa listahan nila! 200 pesos ung pinakamababa. Nabudol budol ba kami? badtrip ah. HAHAH!

  • I agree that the sand in Puka is not as fine as station 1’s pero sobrang naenjoy ko yung clear waters dun and ang onti ng tao! Haha. Boracay is such a gem pa rin talaga kahit sobrang famous na, don’t you think? I just avoid it during laboracay season hahaha!

    • Yes, actually don lang kami nakapag-swim ng medyo matagal talaga. Mas masarap sa feeling magswin don for some reasons. We have a lot of beautiful islands in PH, yes, pero Boracay will always be Boracay. People were discouraging us to go there cos it wasn’t as beautiful now compared to how it was before, they said. but it is still beautiful for me. Madami na nga lang talagang establishments don which is okay or better pa nga for others. Cos not all people go there to relax or have a quiet stay. Some go there for the activities, food, people and the night life. So iba iba naman talaga. πŸ™‚

  • I haven’t been to Boracay but I’d love to try helmet diving. Medyo feeling ko astronaut ako. Char! Hahahaha!

    • Bagay ba sa OOTD ko? LOL! And mabigat pala ung helmet!

      Welcome back Jamieee!

  • Aaaah! Helmet-diving looks so fun! I wish I’d tried it when I was there. I’m glad you had fun, though <3
    Aww, that doggo is so cute! ?
    I love the ambiance of that camp-fire like table at the bar you visited. Can I ask what bar was it? I'll be sure to check it out next time we go there ?

    xo, Gillan

    • It was really fun but gets uncomfortable sometimes cos of the pressure. There were I think three doggos running around there, they were soo cute!
      I’m sorry, I forgot the name of that bar. I’m bad with remembering details. huhu!

  • OMG! Yung helmet-diving! <3 I want to try it soon! Pero parang ang scary πŸ™ consistent ba ung discomfort sa ears because of the pressure? Or eventually nawala din siya? Looking forward to try helmet-diving!!! πŸ˜€

    • You should try! But they said it’s not entirely safe, but it’s still not nice try. I mean, we just need to be really careful and do as what the pro-divers instructed. Nawawala-wala ung pressure, basta I just swallow para mawala ung discomfort. They’ll teach you different ways naman para matanggal ung discomfort. πŸ™‚

  • Bea De Guzman

    I wanted to try helmet diving pero nakakatakot na baka pumasok yung tubig sa loob then I’ll die! HAHAHAHAHHA! Is the pressure painful than the one you felt sa airplane? And I’m still intrigued how I can go down the seabed. Baka magreact yung katawan ko na lulutang lang ako lulutang. Sorry paranoid. πŸ˜€