Get Healthy and Go Places

Travelling is in the hype of today’s generation. It is something that’s almost always present in our bucket lists, coz really, who would not want to go and see beautiful places around the world? Millenials continuously encourage travelling through social media photos, youtube vlogs and travel blogs that boomed here and there. Not to mention big billboards along the busy road and media advertisements on websites and television. Everybody wants it, so who am I not to crave for it too?

While it is true that the opportunity of exploring places isn’t only for the upper-class, we must also admit that the price and health risks that are associated with the luxury of travelling is not a joke. But since we are naturally resourceful, the wide knowledge and availability of travel hacks can pave the way to the wanderlust generation. With this, let me share this “Get Healthy Go Places” promo from PhilCare and GetGo Rewards partnership.

PhilCare and GetGo Partnership

I received an exclusive invite to attend the Get Healthy Go Places promo launch at Museum Cafe last April 21, 2016, together with other lifestyle and travel bloggers. As previously mentioned, PhilCare and GetGo tied up and launched “Get Healthy. Go Places” that aims to give everyone a chance to #flyforfree – and they say, best things in life are free!

This is made possible through GetGo points that can be earned for every purchase of PhilCare’s health cards that includes ER Vantage cards, Health Vantage cards, Medical and Dental cards and Health Vantage Elite cards. You can earn as much as 750 GetGo points and use this points to take you far away, literally. There are a lot of upcoming seat sales so better make your alert apps and emails ready, as your 750 points can take you to your dream out of the country travel experience. Another good news is, upon purchase of any health cards mentioned earlier, PhilCare members are automatically eligible for GetGo cards and are entitled to a chance to earn more points!

Get Healthy Go Places Mechanics:

Get Healthy. Go Places.

PhilCare and GetGo Partnership

PhilCare and GetGo Partnership

PhilCare and GetGo Partnership

PhilCare and GetGo Partnership

For more information, you may visit GetGo Promos and PhilCare’s Prepaid Products websites.

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  • Wow, ang saya!!! 🙂 I have a get go card but haven’t really maximized it as much as I wanted to. Hehe! 🙂

    Nice photos!

  • Are the PhilCare Health Cards open to use abroad too? Medical cards or insurance are really important while traveling as emergencies can happen. Even a simple stomach ache can be an emergency when you don’t know which medicines to buy in another place. 🙂

  • Mei

    Health cards are really useful since even a quick consultation can cost much! Recently I was rushed to the ER in the middle of the night and thankfully I have my health card, or else I have to shell out around 4k! Imagine? Haha
    This looks better since they also reward with Get Go points! If my parents use these cards they could have gained a lot of points already. gamit na gamit nila ang health card nila hehe
    I also have GetGo nd I have points there but I am still thinking where to go because travel destinations cost a lot of points too 🙁

  • I don’t have PhilCare Health Card yet. Maybe I need to get one. Is it okay to get it while I still don’t have work?I’m fresh from college lol. To travel is my dream but it is not within my reach yet because no work yet so so money lol but good thing they were offering this kinds of promo!


  • Super important to invest in our health.

  • Oh no, lol this reminds me of my philhealth. I have been ignoring it for so many months now. I should really start giving contributions soon. Especially that I travel every once in a while too. Thanks for reminding me sis, health is wealth 😀

  • Dahrren Dominguez

    Already got a free GetGo card from my last trip with Cebu Pac. Hope to use it again some time soon to earn points. Haha!

    Da | The Diary Queen