Of Body Shaming and Insecurities

If you will ask me of the things I don’t like about my body, I can tell you a long list of things I wished I had it better. I know how this generation can be very manipulative that the world makes us feel that we aren’t beautiful if we don’t fall under the society’s standard of beauty. (Hello, I’m dark, I have stretch marks on my arms and thighs, bad skin type, small hips, flat chest and all that, but really, who cares?) I grew up bringing all the insecurities with me until I reached that certain point when I realized I had enough. Right then and there I felt I no longer care too much and I became less conscious about how my body look like. Maybe that’s the thing about growing up, you now think differently, you discover your own beauty and you now understand how things really are.

  1. I now understand that we are all uniquely designed and no one is one step above just because the other receives more praises than you.
  2. I now understand that insecurity is something that’s very normal to all people and only becomes unhealthy by the way we react to it. Just remember, don’t let your insecurities overpower you.
  3. I now understand, as cliche as it may, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, in all shades and colors, in all races this world may have.
  4. I now understand that less use of social media helps overcome insecurities, and you already know why.
  5. I now understand that the definition of beauty is more than just the physical appearance, it’s far more than the reflection you see in the mirror, it’s what you feel, it’s how you face everybody, it all comes from within.

I know, it takes time to learn to fully accept your imperfections, it’s a process, because believe me when I say that self-love is a journey. We don’t just wake up one day, feeling confident about ourselves and all that. There are also times when I thought I had it done perfectly, but nope. I still experience this thing here and there once in a while, but then AGAIN, that’s perfectly normal.

Girls, real beauty comes within you. Remember that.

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Author: Dianne

She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. A full time IT Specialist based in Manila, Philippines who enjoys designing, reading and blogging. She fuels her day with a cup of good coffee in the morning and concludes the night thinking about life.

  • tet

    Same here. I have a long list of what I do not want in my body but now that I’m getting older, I realize that it doesn’t matter. What is important is that you accept your flaws and don’t let anyone take you down because of it.

  • Jeszelle Suetos

    can relate to every word .

  • Beauty is not something about just the appearance, it’s something about how you carry and present yourself!! πŸ™‚

  • Each one of us has some sort of insecurity and you are right, Social media just makes it worse. Well, those people who have nice posts have insecurities as well. Just know yourself and shine!

  • Cyka niki

    We are all beautiful inside and out, we are all uniquely made and design to be who we are, yes I agree all we need to do is to accept who and what we are. To see our real worth, we are so blessed to have what we have. Godbless

  • Yes, it is a process I hope everyone can learn. An eye-opener post. You got me here. It was short and on point.

  • Miss Piggy

    No matter what others say, we should love ourselves. The worst thing to do is by being ashame of it.

  • Maaya Legaspi

    This post is sooo on point! Haha. I couldn’t count the times I go through my insecurities because of how the society depicts beauty. And yes, social media makes it even worse because now a days, some people get self worth from the likes they get in facebook. Over time, I start to learn to love myself and need not any validation from other people but I believe I’m still in the process because I sometimes feel insecure pa din. But at the end of the day, this is ourself and self love is still the best. This post is short but very relatable! Haha.

  • Charm Gamboa

    I have accepted my imperfections too just recently. I hope other people will accept those too. It may sound cloche but beauty really comes from within. πŸ™‚

  • Sam

    What I learned from a friend is that when someone shames your body, it means that they are also filled with shame in theirs. which I think is mostly true. I lose and gain weight pretty fast, so I don’t bother checking scales at all. It really helped me let go of feelings of anxiety for varying weights. And I can better handle comments for “titas” by just dismissing it as “I gain and lose weight pretty fast”.

  • Riss Javier

    I also have insecurities in life specially in my body, but as I get older, I appreciate what I have and accept everything what God has given me. Society gives the definition of what beauty means, but the true beauty comes within us. We are beautiful in our own way and always remember that beauty fades, but a good heart will always stay the same. <3

  • We all have our very own unique beautiful bodies. It is within ourselves that we must accept first that we love our body. Well, the insecurities will not go away immediately and we just need to learn not to care about what others are saying

  • Clarisa

    Lovely read. It is true that we should not let insecurities overpower us. Nothing good comes out if we keep on getting insecure, anyway. And also, I have realised that we just need to surround ourselves of people who accept who we are as they can help us appreciate ourselves more. ^_^

    Clarisa, helloclarisa.com

  • I have been insecure lately too. I have come to learn that we are all different and that we are unique. We must love ourselves for who we are. Beauty is not what the society thinks presently but the soul and heart.

    Kai // Kitty Journal (www.kittyjournal.com)