Of Embracing Change

Of Embracing Change
I just came back from my recent trip few days ago and I’m trying my best to get my head straight cos I’m still in my vacation hangover. I’ll for sure be sharing deets about the places we visited and activities we did in the coming days. But for now, I just wanted to sit and share a hint of a life lately post which tackles mostly about the changes I’ve been through for the past months, hence, the title, obviously. Let’s start?

Domain Name

Have you noticed the change of my blog’s URL? Yes? Thanks! This domain name, diannekarol.com isn’t really new. I owned this back in 2009 (I guess?) but stopped renewing it for privacy reasons. My teenage self wasn’t comfortable sharing my blog with my offline friends but, they started discovering it through google and I had no other option but to take it down. Guess I’m now more mature and knowledgeable on what to and what not to share online to actually click the purchase button to buy again this domain name, MY name. All thanks to my blogger friend, Nadine for the super smooth domain name transition. She has always been helpful whenever I get WordPress problems.

WordPress Theme

What do you think about this blog’s new look? Thanks to Clint for sharing this really nice minimalist theme! I had to tweak it a little to make it more personalized but I left the structure just the same. The fixing is still underway and I haven’t really started updating the pages yet. I will, soon!


To make it short, I just moved to another team last month. It was a sudden move and I wasn’t really mentally prepared for it. Good things come when we least expect it, I guess. I am happy despite the adjustments I had to make which were all part of me, moving out from my comfort zone.

  • Job Description
  • The world of IT is huge! The one I’m in right now is a totally different department compared to my former job tasks. It’s a whole new technology and knowledge for me which I’m still learning day by day. It excites me and scares me both at once, and I’m loving this change so far.

  • People
  • Along with changing teams is meeting new people to interact with. I’m never good at initiating conversations. I get socially awkward and sometimes look timid at first. That’s why being in another group of people can be quite a big adjustment for me. But I’m happy that while I’m still adjusting, my new teammates help me by being welcoming and supportive (I still miss my former teammates though). I think a collaborative work-space, whilst taking me out of my comfort zone, is really going to help me grow!

  • Workplace
  • What I love about the sudden move was the change of my work location. My new team is based in another branch which is just 20 minutes away from where I live. I bid farewell to my almost 2-hour travel time going to work! Never going to miss the travel hassle!

Mobile Postpaid Plan

I finally gave in and applied for a postpaid plan. For the longest time, I was refusing to enroll for a plan cos I felt like it would just add up to my monthly bills and it felt more like a want than a need. Then after several attempts and computations, I realized, I will almost be paying the same amount if ever I’ll avail one. Everything was smooth until three days ago when I received excess charges which I don’t even know where on earth came from! I’m still settling this with Globe. I hope they’ll be able to fix this the soonest.

That’s all! This is just a quick update before another travel series I’ll be doing on my succeeding post

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Author: Dianne

She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. A full time IT Specialist based in Manila, Philippines who enjoys designing, reading and blogging. She fuels her day with a cup of good coffee in the morning and concludes the night thinking about life.

  • Lou

    Ayye! I just got back from my hiatus, and awww I love the new look! <3 Your blog looks really clean and attractive. By the way, congrats on your new team at work!

    Lou | http://wander-soul.net/

    • I was checking your blog once in a while, mejo tagal mo din nag-hiatus. Glad you’re back!! I always want clean themes, naguguluhan ako kapag madaming features and designs masyado. haha. Thanks Lou!

  • Kai

    This is just amazing! πŸ™‚ i really love the design so much <3 I love how you changed the features of the theme πŸ™‚


    • Maganda na ung base theme talaga. Pinterest helped for inspiration. Thank you, Kai!

  • Love the theme! Biased ako kasi prefer ko talaga yung grid type sa homepage. Haha. I’ve been undergoing some changes lately, not just with my blog, but with my career as well. Hopefully, I can sort everything out real soon so I could go back to blogging. But cheers to us for embracing these changes! And wishing you the best with your new team.

    xx, The Diary Queen

    • Neat looking kasi kapag grid type. Mas gusto ko din ganito. haha!I saw your blog, nahiya ako bigla sa revamp ko dito. Bongga ng sayo! Focus ka muna on your career, you can always go back to blogging. That’s also the reason why I’ve been inactive lately.

  • I love you theme! Bet ko now ung may parang mga home page eh. Everyone is doing a revamp except me! I have no plans to change my blog’s theme but I want to! Sometime this year, but not now.

    Working at the office that’s 20 minutes away from home is what I prefer. Before I commute pa, and it’ll take me 4 to 5 hours in total per day. Super tiring; I didn’t have a time to do anything else after work cause I’d rather sleep.

    About the mobile plan… it’s the other way around for me. After almost 3 years, I’ve decided to cut off my postpaid plan and switched to prepaid. I’m able to save more! πŸ™‚

    Good luck on your new team! I hope you’ll feel at home with them soon.

    • Nakita ko lang din sa iba ung may homepage. I wasn’t planning to include a homepage pero may ganitong feature ung theme so why not? haha. Thanks Karen!!

      OMG! 4-5 hours is too much! Nasan na ang work-life balance. Is that for 5 days? Before kasi almost 4 hours per day din ang travel time ko pero 4 days lang.

      Actually yes, mas matipid pa din talaga kapag prepaid pero I applied with a phone kasi, so instead of buying in full, monthly basis ang payment tapos may load na din and all. Unlike before, naka-unlitxt lang ako with 1 GB data a week. So kapag tatawag ako, regular load na gamit ko. Medyo agastos. πŸ™

      Thanks ulit Karen! Nakaka-adjust na ako pakonti konti so far. Ang hirap maging mahiyain! haha.

  • As I’ve said on Twitter, I’m i love with your new theme! Legit. Ang ganda! Hehe. About the career part, I agree that the IT world is huge. I’m part of it, too. Maybe that’s why I want to escape it? Haha. Good luck satin girl!

    • Thanks Melissa! Tuwang tuwa ako sa mga comments nyo kung alam nyo lang. haha. I read you are working in Mckinley. I was working there too before I transferred to this new team I was talking about.

  • I always love how neat your site looks like, even before you change your theme. Actually, I look up to your site when it comes to being neat and well-ordered. Haha. Anyway, congrats on your domain name! Look, diannekathreen and diannekarol! Hahaha. I hope people will not be confused with our names. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kath! Huggss! I always prefer neat themes. Ako mismo kasi naguguluhan kapag madami akong nakikita, so dun ako sa mas simple. haha. Inaayos ko pa ung pages, categories and all pero ang tamad ko lately hindi ko pa matapos tapos.

      I hope too! haha!

  • Change is a great thing and it’s definitely something to be embraced. I’m totally loving your blog by the way πŸ™‚

    ☼ cabin twenty-four

    • I agree. I know a lot more changes will be heading my way soon. I don’t always need to be ready though. Thanks for appreciating my blog. Means so much!

  • Indeed, the IT industry is so huge! Honestly I’ve been thinking of a career change eh. Haha. Unfortunately, I’m not in love with IT πŸ™

    Anyway, congratulations on all your milestones, Dianne! Way to go! And what phone are you planning to get for your postpaid plan? Hehehe πŸ™‚

    xo, wanderingella.com

    • I was also thinking the same. But changing career path is pretty hard especially that this is what I already know as my professional career Unless, I’ll look for something as a starter again. Again, hard cos I need money. haha! Good luck to us!

      I got the Huawei P9. I’m liking it so far.

  • Congrats on changing your URL to your name. Shows more confidence in yourself. I also love the blog look. You did a pretty good job.


    • Thanks Heidee! It took a lot of courage for me to take this step.

  • Love your blog’s new look! I used to feel the same way about having my offline friends read my blog but now I couldn’t care less about it anymore. So glad I’ve overcome that blogger phase. Haha. On getting a postpaid plan – it was the best decision I’ve ever made as an adult haha. I can call and text anytime without having to worry about having credits or nah. And the data makes the plan auper worth it as well πŸ™‚

    Nika | http://www.wheresnika.com

    • Thanks Nika! Yes, it was just a blogger phase. Now, it makes me kilig when they talk about my blog and how they wanted to start their own blogs too. I was really hesitant on getting a postpaid plan but it is so convenient and worth it. Mobile data is an essential now. We’ll never know when and where we needed extra information. May it be direction or whatnot.