Revisiting My 2016 Goals: Q1

With all honesty, this is quite a difficult blog post to make, coz as expected, I don’t think I’m still on track (kind of) with the list of goals I created for 2016. I should have posted this last month for Q1, but you see, I have extended this to April, and that’s how long I contemplated whether to publish this one or not. haha! But not publishing it would mean I’m not pushing further, and no, I’ll push my goals as hard as I can. I just hope procrastination is just temporary for this year, though. So, let’s go?

Personal Goals:

1. Focus on being physically strong. As of today, I’ve still managed to go to the gym and utilize my free membership at Gold’s Gym which will end this month, btw. Part of this goal is to join running events which I failed to do. To psych myself up to exercise, I better grab these new pair of running shoes from Asics at ZALORA. Coz it’s a good motivation when you wear comfy and fab attire while working out, agree? On the other hand, I was able to do some physical activities such as mountain climbing and jogging which is quite a good start.
2. Read at least 15 books. Only two books so far. I’m near to failing this goal.
3. Upgrade my wardrobe. I get to spoil myself with new clothes every month which is sometimes a pain in my pocket but I still do just because.
4. Travel more. I was able to go to nearby provinces such as Pampanga, Tagaytay and Laguna. Then I have more travel plans these coming months, so watch out! I’m focused on local destinations rather than travelling abroad coz #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines. (But no, I’m just broke. haha!)
5. Learn how to do eyebrows makeup. Not yet started.
6. Minimize the use of facebook. Super fail on this. Will try again this quarter.

Financial Goals:

1. Deposit 6 digits in my savings bank. In progress.
2. Apply for a freelance job. I’ve already applied for freelance jobs and still waiting for responses. The truth is, I’m still half-hearted to push this through, but let’s see.
3. Invest more. No additional investments aside from last year’s.

Blog Goals:

1. Change my blog’s theme. Done! I end up buying a premium theme and modifying it a bit. It’s actually the theme you see now.
2. Make friends with other bloggers. I hope I’m doing good on this. haha!
3. Join blogger’s events. I attended one event just recently, it’s about Cathy Valencia’s Makati branch blessing and product preview. I’ll be blogging about it within the week! Then there’s another event coming this week and I’m all excited about it!
4. Update my “about me” page. In progress.

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Author: Dianne

She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. A full time IT Specialist based in Manila, Philippines who enjoys designing, reading and blogging. She fuels her day with a cup of good coffee in the morning and concludes the night thinking about life.

  • Mei

    Q1 palang, may tatlong quarters pa, kaya mo achieve goals mo πŸ™‚
    Sa new clothes, you can just buy kapag may sale, ganun ginagawa ko haha di ako mdalas bumili, kasi usually picky ako sa clothes haha pero pag as in gusto ko sya, binibili ko talaga haha
    Maganda kaya ang Pinas! I actually increased my personal goal of visiting at least 20 provinces to 30 provinces na! Haha baka mas lalo pa madagdagan in the future haha sobrang dami pwedeng puntahan sa Pinas nas kasing ganda o mas maganda sa ibang bansa. So wala kang talo πŸ™‚
    Pag marunong ka na may eyebrow makeup, post ka tutorial ah haha hirap ako sa eyebrow kasi manipis kilay ko πŸ™
    I want to join blogger events. Nung nakita kita nagsignup dun sa Cathy Valencia, gusto ko sana pra at least may kilala ko haha kaso may lakad nak nung araw na un eh sayang

    • Super dami kong gustong clothes, kung pwede ko lang sila bilhin lahat. I don’t know pero nahihilig ako magwindow shopping these days. Tipid pa din kaya tama ka, antayin mag-sale. haha!

      Wow! 30 provinces! Pero feeling ko naman kaya mo i-achieve yon. Kung san san ka na nga ulit namamasyal lately. Ang ganda talaga ng Pinas!

      Sayang! Gusto ko din ung may kakilala ako para hindi ako masyado mahiya. Next time sama ka! Tapos sign up ka din sa blogapalooza!

      • Mei

        Haha samin si gerald mas mahilig magwindow shopping at magshopping haha napapasama nalang ako. Pero madalas ayoko pumasok sa shop pag wala akong pera, kasi baka mapabili ako haha
        Haha wish ko lang sana, mapush ko ang 30 provinces. Daming priorities lately haha
        Next time sama ako pag may next event signup, pag okay sa sched ko hehe

  • Ah goals. I also set goals for myself. Wanted to go for a jogging for 3 times a week but i guess it was too ambitious for me lol tumigil ako after a month hahah! Ngayon yoga na naman, I like yoga more than jogging so yun still doing it but not that often na. I feel you dun sa facebook thing haha I wanted to deactivate my facebook but di pwede sa ngayon. And daming oras ang nasasayang ko sa facebook πŸ™

    congrats on that blogging event, I think i want to join din sa mga ganyang events but wala ako masyadong kakilalang bloggers eh. Baka ma out of place lang ako lol

    Yes to travelling more! haha pero ako time out muna sa ngayon πŸ˜€

    • OMG! yan din ung target ko, 3 times a week makapag exercise. pero ang fail fail talaga kasi nakakatamad mag-gym kapag may pasok, kapag off naman, mas gusto ko na lang magstay sa bahay. haha! I haven’t tried doing yoga but I’ve tried pilates. Parang similar lang ata sila. But it was sooooo hard kaya hindi ko na inulit!

      Wala din ako kakilala sis! Kaya kinakabahan ako kapag may events, may pagka-introvert pa naman ako and nahihirapan ako makihalubilo sa mga gatherings. Pero nakakaenjoy kasi kakausapin ka naman nila. Sana makasama kita soon, pati sila Mei para may mga kakilala na talaga ako. hihi!

  • Goals! It’s nice that you’re writing it down. It means that you’re really taking responsibility for what you want to achieve in your life. πŸ™‚ And good job that you’re making progress. It’s okay if you miss, you still have 3 quarters pa.

  • Goals sets everything in place. Hihi. Nice one, kahit wala na sa track keep on going pa din. Haha. Aja Dianne. <3

    Spices + Everything Nice |

  • Goals are wonderful little things to achieve, because they help us grow!

  • Lou

    This post just made me want to revisit my goals for 2016 too. Haha guess I’ve done nothing yet, but definitely we’ll get through there. Push natin to hahaha

    Lou |