Serendipity Tea Bar

Serendipity Tea Bar

It may sound ridiculous for us to travel almost 4 hours (blame PH traffic) just to try out another Milk Tea restaurant. I won’t contest, I feel you bru! We are one of those happily crazy couples who likes doing spontaneous activities and trips together, this included! Apart from trying out what this restaurant has to offer, it also became a way for us to enjoy each other’s company away from our usual scenery. The last time we went on a long road trip was already past 3 months, which means an excuse to validate travelling this far for a new food find. So a week ago, we went from Quezon City to Laguna real quick to taste yet another restaurant in the South!

Serendipity Tea Bar

The name of this restaurant reminds me of the movie, Serendipity, released back in 2001 which I only got to watch years after. It was a wonderful romantic movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, go check that out! Serendipity Tea Bar was established back in July 2012. They offer a wide array of food choices from appetizers, pasta, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas to milk teas, fruit teas, hot drinks and others. Currently, they are serving in four different locations in the South, specifically in San Pablo, SM Lipa, Sto. Tomas and Los Banos. The one we visited was in San Pablo, Laguna, which was just a few meters away from SM San Pablo. The location is obviously easy to find and very accessible.

Serendipity Tea Bar

Serendipity Tea Bar

Serendipity Tea Bar

My Thoughts?

PLACE. As mentioned previously, the place is quite accessible. Even us, peeps from North, wouldn’t get any trouble finding the location. It’s near SM San Pablo and just beside an Indian temple (or church?) which is very noticeable cos of its structure. I can only talk about their branch in San Pablo, though. The place itself was also spacious and I like the homey vibe. There’s also a veranda where you can opt to stay if you don’t feel like staying inside. I also like that noise from outside wasn’t thaaaat disturbingly heard inside the place. I’m not quite sure if there’s an available parking space or if you can park just outside. I hope they’re allowing that, though.

FOOD. I was only able to taste three from the food choices available at Serendipity Tea Bar. Tried Beef Salpicao (Php 149.00), Hella Nutella Milkshake (Php 180.00) and Oriental Burger (Php 149.00). I hate that I ended up giving my Beef Salpicao to Jhori cos its spicy for my taste buds. You know I’m not a fan of anything spicy, except when I’m feeling like Korean and eats Korean noodles, nomnom! The beef chunks weren’t as tender and juicy as I was expecting. But to be fair, it’s still worth the price, plus, you’re getting the right amount of serving. So, it was still a win!

On the other hand, I liked the oriental burger and I did enjoy every bit of it. Not a burger person but I definitely liked this one, and the fries too! The Hella Nutella milkshake looks appetizing, do you agree? I was expecting a super sweet chocolatey milkshake but I was glad it wasn’t excessively sugary. Just enough to tolerate and be able to consume all without sharing to Jhori. lol! Thumbs up!

PRICE. The price is reasonable, nothing over Php 200.00 for all their single serving meals. Their Serendipity Pizza meals range from Php 279.00 to Php 329.00 which is already okay considering it’s one whole pizza, in my opinion. Others that exceeded Php 200.00 were Fried Chicken Platter (Php229.00) and Pica Fiesta (Php 350.00). It’s a budget-friendly Tea Mind Body bar perfect for a quick hangout!

SERVICE. I like how responsive their social media account is. I tried contacting them a few times and they’re pretty responsive! I hope all businesses even the startup ones, exert extra effort on social media marketing. The serving time was okay, we did not wait too long for our orders to be served. There were available electric outlets as well and I was able to charge my phone during our stay. I just didn’t like that the toilet was located outside. I honestly wasn’t able to try their toilet but Jhori did and he insisted for me to use the Mall’s toilet instead. He said it wasn’t thaaat pleasing. Jhori is a bit picky with toilets, actually.

Serendipity Tea Bar

Serendipity Tea Bar

After eating, we headed to SM San Pablo and roam around until we spotted Tom’s World and opted to play arcade games before going back home. I played the usual basketball shooting while he played the car racing game, which he competitively enjoyed SO MUCH. I was also able to buy an improvised running headband at SM Department Store. I intentionally bought the cheapest I could find, cos practicality speaking, a Php 700.00 worth of Nike headband is too much for me.

We rode a bus going back home. We spent 3 hours on the road while we enjoyed our long chit-chat together. FACT: we never really run out of stories to tell each other! We don’t see or exchange phone calls on a daily basis, that’s why we have so many things to catch up whenever we meet. Quality over quantity, maybe? It was a long tiring day, not to mention I also went to the gym before heading to Laguna (naks!).

So, if you’re from Laguna and wanting to visit Serendipity Tea Bar, then checkout their contacts below. If you also have any other food finds in Laguna, just let me know. I would be a happy to pay a visit! Kamsamnida!

Serendipity Tea Bar
+63 949 503 3200
Bgry. San Rafael, San Pablo City, Laguna

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  • The Hella Nutella Milkshake’s Instagram-worthy, I think! lol and woah, layo nga ng QC to Laguna! Haha next time you should try the restaurants in BF. There are a lot of good places to eat there. 🙂

    Little Miss Miera

    • Yes, I heard about it too. I believe they have their version of Maginhawa in BF. I would want to try that! Thanks! 🙂

  • gusto ko itry yang drink! parang monster. 😀

  • I’m from Laguna but I haven’t been to San Pablo because my town is far from it. Naks, daig mo pa ako! Nakarating ka jan. And wow, you guys traveled that far. Iba nagagawa ng pag-ibig. (yoko na!) There are a lot of restaurants, cafe, tea shops in Laguna as these businesses are in nowadays. That milkshare is a monster.

  • Milk Tea was the sh** in college! But I never really got on the hype train because I don’t like sugary drinks. However, my friends made me try it and it was good but not enough to make me addicted like they were ??
    However, I’d love to try the Hella Nutella milkshake and Beef Salpicao! I love everything nutella and I haven’t had any food from milk tea bars because usually they are just stalls around our university.
    Also, I love a good ambiance of cafes and restos! ?

    xo, Gillan

  • Your dates sound cute! Intentionally travelling that far. Yiee. The prices are affordable, but I don’t think I can try it because it’s too far. (lol, tiga-south na ako nyan.)

    xo, Richel V.

  • Grabe yung travel time because of PH traffic. lol. At least worth it naman when you got there! Those milkshakes looks so mouthwatering, reminds me of the milkshakes from a star wars themed cafe here in Cebu 🙂

  • This one seems too far from my place. Looks like one because of the traffic too. So I might not be able to visit this cafe. But, I’m sure I won’t forget about this because it also reminds me of the movie! Haha.

  • Traffic is what I hate the most in MM. I really dream of the day we’d have good public transportation system like in other countries. But same, I would sometimes to go out of my way even for just a resto, and it would feel like a mini-outing with friends. Haha.

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush

  • Mei

    Ay inggit naman ako dun sa milkshake haha tapos hindi pa ganon katamis hehe usually aayawan ko yan kasi mahina tonsils ko haha