3D2N Phuket Itinerary and Expenses – A Weekend Beach Trip

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Who else loves the beach? I definitely am! I’ve been to several beaches back in the Philippines. No wonder how abundant beaches are back home. While I love the Singapore-vibe, I crave for quick beach getaways even more. Fortunately, there are several beach-friendly countries near Singapore that we can still go to. Considering only less than a 2-hour flight, Phuket, Thailand is definitely one of the best options to go for a weekend breach trip! So here’s a complete 3D2N Phuket Itinerary and Expenses – all expenses included!

Singapore to Phuket, Thailand

  • Airfare – We booked our flight going to Phuket a few months back before our planned flight date. Our roundtrip ticket costs us PHP 6,096.50 each via Jetstar.
  • Accommodation – We stayed in Memory Boutique Patong Hotel during our 3 days stay in Phuket. Booking is available in Agoda. We paid PHP 2,548 per night for two persons (inclusive of tax and breakfast for 2 pax).

Arrival to Phuket International Airport

  • Money Changer – Thailand is using Thai baht currency. We exchanged our SGD to THB inside the airport upon our arrival. Some suggest that it’s better to exchange your cash from USD to THB. But since we already have SGD, we exchanged it directly. There are many money changers around Phuket even outside the airport so no need to worry if you’re running out of THB cash.
  • Sim Card – We bought a sim card worth THB 149 = PHP 249 inside the airport. It already has 10gb worth of mobile data usage good for 7 days. We only bought 1 sim card cos we were that thrifty and we didn’t think we would be needing more data during our trip. Thanks to mobile hotspot for saving us extra cash. *wink*
  • Airport to Hotel Transfer – We transferred from Airport to our hotel by minibus. Since our hotel is located in Patong, we paid THB 180 = PHP 301 each for the ride. The price depends on your destination. See photo above for reference.
  • Time zone – We missed to check the time zone in Phuket. It was so late when we noticed that Phuket is behind one hour from Singapore and Philippines. Phuket is using GMT+7 while Singapore/Philippines is using GMT+8.

Beach and City Tour Packages

The minibus will stop at a tourism agency (not sure what its called) where you can avail tour packages. Since we didn’t have any planned itinerary, we opted to avail two packages, beach tour and half-day city tour.

  • Island Tour – THB 1500 = PHP 2505/ per pax
  • Half-Day City Tour – THB 1100 = PHP 1837/ per pax

3D2N Phuket Itinerary and Expenses

Day 1 – Arrival

8:55 AM – We arrived at Phuket International Airport. There we had our money exchanged, bought sim card, and hailed a minibus.

12:00 PM – We arrived at Patong where our hotel is located but since it’s still early for our hotel check-in time, we decided to take our lunch first before doing anything else. We dined at this restaurant called Doo Dee. It’s not a very fancy restaurant but it was full-house even from outside. No wonder, cos their pad thai tastes so good and it’s cheap! After eating, we then headed to our hotel to refresh. Phuket can be very hot during this hour and we didn’t want to go out until late in the afternoon.

2:00 PM – Hotel check-in time. Time to have some rest.

3:00 PM – After freshening up, we roam around to find a good massage place. Cos, are you even in Thailand without trying their thai massage? To tell frankly, I expected too much about their massage only to find out, that it wasn’t worth it. At least for this one that we tried. We gave a second chance during our last day – you’ll read it later on.

5:00 PM – We headed to Patong beach afterward. Patong beach is just less than 2 kilometers away from our hotel so we just did a good 20-minute walk going there. Most of the tourists in Phuket were renting out motorbikes but since we don’t drive motorbikes, we opted to walk instead.

Patong beach can be so crowded with tourists in the afternoon. But I can say, it’s really pretty with its very fine white sand.

6:00 PM – We only stayed there for a while and went out again to find some place where we can eat. We had our early dinner and tried tom yum.

7:00 PM – Our last activity for the day is going to Otop Market. This is just very near to our hotel and it has so many food stalls inside. Of course, what we did? EAT!

09:00 PM – Time to sleep!

Day 1: Breakdown of Phuket Expenses in PHP per person

Sim CardPHP 124.415
MinibusPHP 300.6
Island TourPHP 2505
Half-Day TourPHP 1837
Lunch at Doo DeePHP 167
90-min MassagePHP 501
Dinner at Kwality Indian RestaurantPHP 551.1
Street FoodPHP 16.7
Bottled WaterPHP 33.4
Takoyaki at Otop MarketPHP 58.45

Day 2 – Island Hopping Tour

7:00 AM – We woke up and ate our free breakfast from hotel. The breakfast is abundant, perfect to start our day!

7:30 AM – We were picked up from the hotel for our Island Hopping Tour. Since it was a tour, we stopped by several more hotels to pick up other joiners before we headed to our destination.

09:30 AM – We arrived at the port where we will start the island hopping. They required us to wear aqua shoes but since we didn’t bring any, we had no choice but to buy. There was a brief orientation before we started and they handed us a color-coded tie for our wrists.

10:30 AM – Tour started. Tour includes hotel pick up and drop off, lunch buffet, fruits and water in the boat, vest, and snorkeling gear. Islands to visit are Green Island, Khai Island, Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Phi Phi Don, Viking Cave, Pileh Lagoon, Koh Siray Bay.

5:00 PM – End of island hopping tour. Time to go back to the hotel.

6:00 PM – We arrived back at the hotel. We freshen up and rested for a while.

7:30 PM – We roam outside to look for something to eat. We ended up dining again at Otop Market. We tried their pineapple fried rice, grilled crocodile and grilled cow.

10:30 PM – Time to sleep!

Day 2: Breakdown of Phuket Expenses in PHP per person

Aqua shoesPHP 417.5
Sunglasses (cos I forgot mine at home)PHP 334
Dinner at Otop MarketPHP 350.7
Ice CreamPHP 83.5

Day 3 – Half Day Tour and Departure

7:00 AM – We fixed our things and did an early check out from the hotel. The tour will end late in the afternoon which means, we will not be able to get in time for the checkout. So better to check out early. We left our bags in the lobby, near the reception. Good thing, it’s fine to leave stuff there.

7:30 AM – We had our bountiful breakfast at the Hotel. The van arrived before the pick-up time so we rushed our breakfast to get in the car as fast as we can.

8:00 AM – Same set up as the previous day where we stopped by different hotels to pick up other joiners who were part of the tour.

8:30 AM – Our first stop was Karon View Point. From this place, you will be able to see the panoramic view of some of the Phuket beaches including Kata Noi beach, Kata beach, Karon, and Patong beach.

9:00 AM – Next stop was Phuket Safari Eco. Here we saw elephants as a tourist attraction. It’s also one of the things Thailand is known for. But we didn’t ride the elephant and I don’t recommend either. Apart from elephants, we also had a monkey and snake shows. I wouldn’t go back for the snake show, though. I was terrified.

10:00 AM – Third stop was Big Buddha. This place is sacred so visitors should wear clothing that covers shoulders and knees. They are providing shawls and sarongs to be borrowed – free of charge.

12:00 PM – Fourth stop was Wangtalang Gems International. We enjoyed roaming around this place. You’ll see different kinds of luxury stones. They also sell jewely and leather pieces. Our tour includes free brewed coffee in here – finally, coffee!

12:30 PM – Fifth stop was Cashew Nut factory. This was where we bought our pasalubong. They have different flavors of cashew nuts which we tasted for free. The honey cashew nut is my personal favorite. They also have butter, garlic, wasabi, sesame, etc.

01:00 PM – Our last stop for the tour was Wat Chalong Temple. The temples were delicately designed. No wonder why most tour packages include this place as well. Before going back to the hotel, the tour guide handed us bottled water and a snack.

3:00 PM – Upon dropping off from the hotel, we went straight to Doo Dee to have our late lunch. Of course, pad thai and thai milk tea again. But we added some spring rolls. Pad thai never fails!

4:00 PM – We went back to the hotel, rested for a while and booked a minibus to get us to the airport. Most hotels have this airport pick-up and drop-off service, so it’s very convenient. We scheduled the van (minibus) to pick us up around 6:00 PM. While waiting, we had another 90-min thai massage. This time, it was really good – definitely worth the money.

6:00 PM – We were picked-up from the hotel. Then we stopped by to several more hotels to pick up people who’ll join the van going to the airport.

8:00 PM – We arrived at Phuket International Airport.

8:30 PM – Since it was still early for our boarding time, we opted to have our dinner at the airport. We ate at burger king, I was so full!

9:55 PM – Time to say goodbye to this beautiful island. We departed from Phuket International Airport to Changi International Airport. Aaaaand that’s it!

Day 3: Breakdown of Phuket Expenses in PHP per person

PasalubongPHP 784.9
Minibus (going to Airport)PHP 334
Lunch at Doo DeePHP 208.75
Thai Massage (90-Minutes)PHP 417.5
Dinner at Burger KingPHP 818.3

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It was my first out of the country experience without any planned itinerary. But hey, we survived! We didn’t have any concrete plans of what we want to do aside from island hopping. The rest were all spontaneous. Will I go back? Yes I will.

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