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And I’m back, lovelies! I’m not even sure if anyone has noticed my absence. That’s almost two months of absence from the blog and that also means a lot of writing to catch up. But sure, I’m lazy to do that now, so not today. Typing this now at 8:41 PM, and I had just finished eating dinner few minutes ago. I spent majority of the day accompanying my dad to Medical City for his annual check up. All plans today were cancelled because the waiting game took super long, but that’s for Dad so, no regrets. By the way fellas, this awesome blog turned 1 last 24th! I’m just so happy for keeping this blog despite my love-hate relationship with blogging. You know that, when sometimes you just want to stop documenting your life but you still do just because you love reading your life’s stories. Well, that’s me most of the time. So here are some updates on my life lately and the same reasons why I was MIA.

  1. Reunited with the sisters. My eldest sister only stayed for two days, while the other one stayed for a whole month. It already feels unusual that it’s only me, mom and dad again here in the house after they flew back to Singapore and UAE few days ago.
  2. Reunited with the clan. I grew up in a small family, and most of my closest relatives are living abroad. That’s why we were all so occupied when my relatives came back for my cousin’s wedding. Some stayed for one whole month, some only stayed for weeks. But those days were fun and surly memorable!
  3. Cousin’s Wedding. It was one of the best weddings I’ve seen! I love the place, the flowers, the ambiance, the food, everything! The place was full of love and I love it more because once again, we were almost complete.
  4. A day in Quezon Province. First time to go to Kamay ni Hesus, and again, I was with the FamBam! I originally wanted to visit the place during the Pahiyas Festival. But it did not go as planned.
  5. Company team building. It was an overnight stay at La Luz Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. I was not able to participate on almost all the day-activities just because I was on shift. This happens when you’re an IT specialist having a 24/7 operation. But at least I got to try and enjoy working by the beach! I can still remember the view, the smell and the sound of the beach wave while contemplating about life and why I need to work when I could have been enjoying the activities instead. LOL!
  6. My 23rd birthday. This girl turned 23 last 14th. I spent majority of the day with family at SM Megamall, shopping, and eating.
  7. Lots of food eating here and there! For the record, I gained almost 10 lbs! But as my tweets say, no regrets. Happy tummy, happy life.
  8. Binge watching how to get away with murder. Yep, I just said it! While everyone else is dying over Season 6 of GoT, here I am spending sleepless nights for HTGAWM. Still stuck in S06E07 of GoT but thanks to spoilers for keeping me updated despite me not watching it.
  9. Work! I seriously wished I could file a one month leave, but I couldn’t. So obviously, when I was not with my family, I was working my ass off. But on the other note, no sarcasm included, I feel very very very grateful to my teammates because they gave me flexible schedule just so I could come to almost all our family activities! Thank you fellas!

So that’s basically it! It feels like I just came back from a whole month of vacation. I know the coming weeks are going to be very busy too, but I’ll try to be a good blogger and update as much as I can!

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