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For most travellers, hotel bookings are generally planned way beforehand. A well-planned trip is so much essential when you wanted to have a smooth and hassle-free getaway with your friends and family, or may it be a solo trip! But take note that planning ahead of time isn’t always applicable to so many instances. When you missed your flight, when you randomly want to have a relaxing staycation or when some other emergency things happened that’s out of your control, chances are, you’ll go and do a last-minute hotel booking, which is going to be an absolute horror, if not your lucky day. If you are following me on my social media accounts (facebook and twitter), you may probably saw my posts, mentioning HotelQuickly app. Guess, HotelQuickly might just be your life savior for this dilemma.

HotelQuickly is the best and fastest way to book a hotel last-minute. It’s a mobile application for iOS and Android devices, that offers dynamic hotel deals in Asia-Pacific. The cream of the crop hotels are available, cheaper than that of the online option. They offer the best prices with an average of 28% lesser on your hotel booking. HotelQuickly is available in more than 250+ destinations in 15 countries across Asia-Pacific.

Three Things I Love About HotelQuickly:

  1. HotelQuickly offers regular promotions and discounts available for its users. Just don’t forget to follow their social media accounts, so you won’t miss their latest promo update.
  2. Mobile App special features. You can get the nearest hotel available on your location, 24/7 support, loyalty program, brief info about the hotels listed, etc.
  3. Last-minute hotel booking made supaaaaah easy! Do I need to say more?

Now here’s the thing, if you download HotelQuickly App for the first time, on your iOS and Android devices, and redeem my personal promo code DKAROL, you’ll get to earn your first 600.00 PHP credit! You can use this credit to your first hotel booking, getting you 600.00 PHP off the original price from the app. You will also be getting your own promo code upon registration, that gives you the chance to earn more credits by inviting your friends to use your own code too. Lovely, isn’t?


Don’t forget to check out HotelQuickly’s social media accounts and website.

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