Just Turned Four

One of the reasons why I posted a bf/gf tag earlier this month is because of this event that’s special to both of us! Yes, our anniversary! We officially turned 4 last Sunday, August 14, 2016, and though a lot of plans didn’t push through because of the weather, we still managed to had spontaneous activities that made the day enjoyable for us.

The original plan was to go on a 2-day out of town trip and enjoy the days, away from the busy city. But as mentioned, we had to change plans last minute because we don’t want to get stranded and have our stay extended because of the things that we had to attend to, the day after. That, we can’t sacrifice in exchange for another 24-hour stay. I honestly felt bad and disappointed because it’s supposed to be the first time that we’ll get to go on an overnight trip, with just the two of us. But I completely understand that safety always comes first.

It was already late in the afternoon when we met up in Cubao because he needed to wait until the floodwaters subside. Since we really didn’t have activities in mind for that day, we decided to go to HTP Hub’s sale in Bulacan and bought cute stuff from their shop at a very affordable price! Who doesn’t love price drops anyway? Don’t worry, I’ll create a separate post for all the items I got from there, probably with a video for you guys to watch too!

Tamarind North Edsa

After that, we rode a bus going back to SM North Edsa and ate dinner together. We dined at Tamarind: Taste of Issan Thai and ordered foods shown in the photos below. I know for a fact that Jhori doesn’t like Thai foods, but since I was feeling bratty like that, I opted to dine to this resto still. LOL! By the way, all photos above were taken using Blush’ (my camera) friendly remote shooting. That’s why I was holding my phone the whole time in the photos. It was really funny how we set up the camera in front of us while there were still customers around us. I saw them looking at us once in a while and it felt kind of awkward!

Before the day ended, we headed to a spa salon somewhere in Quezon City and had a much needed pamper night. We had foot spa, body scrub and whole body massage done. It was a combination of Swedish and Thai massage and it was really relaxing. I originally wanted to have manicure, pedicure and facial done, but it was pretty late in the evening already and there was no available salon offering those services thaaaaat late in the area. Nevertheless, it was all worth it.

I’m all thankful for all the wonderful things that are happening in our lives now. I’m pretty sure next year will be more blissful and I’m already claiming it! It’s not about how anniversaries are celebrated but on how to find reasons for every day to be celebrated. All love, always.

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