Life Lately – Where I’ve been?

Life Lately – Where I’ve been

Oh wow. Was it that long already? I mean, looking at my newly updated WordPress dashboard, I can tell quite enough how long I was away. I needed a few minutes to navigate around WordPress because the interface changed since I last logged in. Hoping I’ll get used to this cos I swear by heart I’ll be logging here again and again for the next few weeks. I’ve drafted some posts with full hopes to finish writing them soon. Crossing fingers to this.

So really, what happened to me? Where I have been?

Lots of things happened, really. I won’t be listing everything cos I’m saving it for my year-end blog post like I usually do. But to give a gist, I moved to a new workplace. I think that’s the biggest step I did so far apart from crossing out some of my personal goals from this year’s list. I like writing lists if I haven’t told you yet. It feels like I’m holding and keeping something tangible even if my lists aren’t there yet. I had cancelled trips but that’s okay I have more beautiful places to see in the next coming months. Hang in there, I swear to write them all soon.

What’s next to this blog?

Truth is, the boom of blogging in the online community affected me so much as a blogger. It was so overwhelming. I felt the need to be meticulous enough to write things that would pique the interest of many. I felt the need to know all the analytics and SEO jargon to keep up. But scratch that. I’m doing this anyway.

While I’m no longer comfortable oversharing my life online unlike my spontaneous and bravehearted, 14-year-old self, I plan to convert this blog into a travel journal and a review blog. Mostly travel, I guess. But being my usual self, sure it will still and always have a personal touch – that’s a guarantee! At least, I now have a clear vision on what to plan and what to write about. Part of me feels like it’s easier to curate ideas this way when I’m focused on a topic. This blog has been niche-less for so long that my ideas are all over the place making me an on and off blogger for years.

That’s it!

I won’t make this post long and boring. Bye for now!

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