Many Thanks, 2015!

Just like any other bloggers, I’m concluding my 2015 with my year’s highlights! It has been one amazing 2015, I had many firsts this year and they were a mix of everything. I didn’t have the most eventful year unlike the others, but I still feel happy on how my year went by. I am so much grateful to all experiences and opportunities I grabbed and to all the risks I took this year. And I am more grateful that I didn’t regret any of it, not a single one, even after so many hiccups along the way. I feel that I am highly capable of doing anything if I push through my limits. I feel more independent and confident about myself this year, unlike any other years. It’s like a self-development year for me in general.

Looking Back…

January: Nothing so much special happened this month aside from catching up with my two college closest friends. Guess I was still recharging my battery from 2014 holidays!

February: Me and Jhori joined Miles for Jeremiah run, finishing my first 10 miles run. How cool was that? How can I also forget the very first time I saw Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman? They were sooo pretty and lucky me, I was able to talk with them too like we were kind of frieeeends, fangirling at its finest!

March: I had my first legit gym sesh! I did it with my forever supportive gym buddy, Dafny (Hi, from Philippines to Dubai!). But no, I still don’t do it as regular as you may think, that’s pretty much obvious with my bulging tummy right here.

April: First time to practice Visita Iglesia. Swimming with the fambam at Azure Urban Resort. Bonding with the sisters at SM Aura. I braved my first hike at Mt. Pamitinan! My sister flew to Dubai to pursue her endeavor outside the country. Me and Jhori joined NatGeo Run, finished my longest run so far, 21 kilometers. Swimming with my “then” colleagues at Volets.

May: Endured Mt. Maculot with my college friends, this marked as my second summit. Went to Cagbalete, Quezon on that same day and enjoyed our stay at Pansacola Beach Resort. Lola went back home for vacation from US.

June: I got promoted at work, one level higher, YAAAYY! My birthday month, happiest 22 to me. I can clearly remember that I was at work during my day and we were on super-duper hypercare mode because it was a major release. Not a good time to celebrate birthdays, isn’t? And oh, by the way, June 2015 was the birth of

July: As much as I liked to stay, I finally left my job. July 17 was my last day, it was a bitter-sweet day for me. I did not write a detailed story about it, in anywhere by choice though. After three days, I welcomed my new job. New company, new people, new environment and new working routine.

August: Three years with Jhori.

September: I joined HP Dance Throwdown, our rehearsals started this month and it felt really good to be going back to dancing once more. It was a kind of breather for me from all the adjustments I had to deal with at work per se.

October: Joined Run United Philippine Marathon, and this happened to be my second 21k run! We also won 2nd Runner Up at HP Dance Throwdown, which made all our rehearsals worth it. Mom and Dad’s anniversary. Mini Reunion with my co-DSG officers from College. I really had lots of fun!

November: Got free 3 months membership at Gold’s Gym. Had a photo of myself carrying a baby for the first time. Carrying a baby is a lot scarier than carrying pups. Haha! Went to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo with my colleagues.

December: I applied for a life insurance and got approved. After almost 4 long years, I had my bottom teeth braces removed! Fresh from the oven, I bought a domain for my sister. Guess she’s going back to blogging anytime soon.

You see, 2015 has been a really great year for me, and I’m closing that door with a sigh of relief and a smile so bright, while I utter, what a year that was! I’ll be welcoming 2016 with a huuuuge hug for sure! I believe 2016 has in store a lot of great adventures for me to look forward to. I wish to be more spontaneous this coming 2016. I’m also planning on creating my 2016 goals just so I can have something to look back when the time comes that I’ll be writing my 2016 year-end post. Haha!

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