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Max's Restaurant Singapore

Honestly speaking, I’ve never thought I’ll ever be featuring Max’s Restaurant here in my blog. Growing up in the Philippines, Max’s Restaurant has always been around. May it be in the city, in the mall, or even in the province. I thought, buzzing about Max’s through a blog post wasn’t really necessary as this restaurant has long established its name over the years serving the Filipinos. However, since Max’s Restaurant Singapore came, I figured, it deserves a spot here in my blog to showcase the classic Filipino cuisine.

Last September 2019, Max’s Restaurant has finally opened its door in Singapore. This is the first and only Max’s Restaurant branch here in Singapore to date. It serves classic Filipino cuisine, from breakfast, dishes, and desserts. It’s famous for its signature Sarap-to-the-Bones Max’s Fried Chicken which I bet, every Filipino has already tried back in the Philippines.

Max's Restaurant Far East Plaza
Max's Restaurant Singapore

Max’s Restaurant Singapore Menu

Max's Restaurant Singapore Menu

What to Eat?

Since we just finished hiking the 11-km trail route at MacRitchie Nature Park, we figured, we deserve to eat something heavy and flavourful. By that I meant, our go-to Filipino dishes which we always go back to, Kare-kare and Sisig! Yaayy! We waited roughly 30 minutes for our order to be served which I felt like too long already. But anyway, here it is!

Max's Restaurant Singapore Kare-Kare

Kare-kare (SGD 16.80) is a classic Filipino stew with thick peanut sauce made with tripe and beef chucks plus a mix of vegetables. It’s paired with sauteed bagoong (shrimp paste). I feel like it’s lacking a bit of the peanut butter hint of taste but it wasn’t so bad. I enjoyed its generous serving and you can never go wrong with bagoong (shrimp paste). Best paired with white rice, ofcourse! Eat the Filipino way!

Max's Restaurant Singapore lechon sisig

Sisig has always been my default food in a Filipino restaurant for so long now. I’ll never get tired of it no matter how sinful and oily it can be. haha! They have two varieties of sisig in Max’s. The first one is the Chicken Sisig and then the second is the Lechon Sisig (SGD 13.80). We ordered the latter. Sisig is a special dish made with Max’s Lechon (Filipino style roasted pork) chopped finely and sauteed with onion and chili. I love how it’s crunchy and sooo flavourful both at once! I can consume two cups of rice with this if I weren’t on a rice control. haha!

I’m not a super fan of Halo-halo (SGD 6.80) but since it’s not everyday we can eat halo-halo here in Singapore, we opted to order one anyway. Their halo-halo is just okay. There’s nothing so special about it, unlike other halo-halo that I’ve tried back in the Philippines. I may probably skip this next time and try leche flan instead.

Overall, I enjoyed my food and dining experience at Max’s Restaurant Singapore. I felt like I’m just at home away from home. You get that? haha! This whole pandemic has made me miss the Philippines even more and in a way, my dining experience eased that feeling a bit. If you want to try, details are below!

About Max’s Restaurant Singapore

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza
#01-07, 228213, Singapore
6909 8504

Islandwide Delivery at
Free islandwide delivery with orders at $80 and above
Use promo code “FREEDEL80” to avail free delivery

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