October Wrap-Up

I’m guilty of not updating my poor blog with my October’s stories. There are a handful of stories I’d like to share but, blame my aching back that hindered me from opening my laptop during my days off or just whenever I’m at home. I can still feel the back pain at this very moment while I type this letters, and it’s not doing any good at this point.

  1. Run United Philippine Marathon was a success! I had my story written for you few weeks back (below this blog post), you might want to go read it first?
  2. I joined HP Cup Dance Throwdown 2015, an internal dance competition within HP Philippines, and our group was able to grab the third spot. This was another thing that kept me occupied for the whole month of September ’til early October. All the hardwork were paid off plus I got to interact with new people. It’s all worth it!
  3. I went to post office few weeks ago to claim the parcel I ordered from Romwe. I got these all for free because of the credits I left in my account that I forgot to avail for the longest time. I only got to use the credits after 2 long years last month. Inside the parcel were sweatshirt, pink top, skirt and a black slip-on.
  4. My family celebrated my Mom and Dad’s Anniversary last October 27th at Dampa after I got home from work. It was a little strange and sad that my sister was not here to celebrate with us for the first time after she flew for Dubai.
  5. Got my EON card renewed for the second time. This is one of the reasons why I felt productive last October more than the previous months. I supposed to get this done last September, but yeeeaa, move ’til October.
  6. I initiated a meet up with my college friends last October 31. We had so much fun that we forgot it’s already 5:00 in the morning. I got home at around 6 in the morning and woke up 3 hours later to fix myself and get to the office.

There were other things happen that I hadn’t included on the photo collage above, including my free three months membership at Gold’s Gym, food fest at lilac St., etc. I’m eyeing for a full back massage this week, hoping it will help subside this backache.

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