Pre-Boracay Trip: Heartfelt Hospitality Found in Aklan

My social media followers know by now that I went to the Philippine’s pride, Boracay Island, a few days ago. I was still in grade school the last time I step my feet on the fine sand of Boracay beach. Sure, it is so much different now than how it was before with all the establishments built and popularity growth here and there but, it wouldn’t be on top of the line beach from all over the world for nothing. It’s definitely still a beautiful and fascinating piece of art that our dear country should be proud of.

Now, I decided to divide this whole Boracay trip into four different segments. I felt overwhelmed when I was writing our Cebu trip not long ago, while I tried to squeeze our 3 days experience in a single blog post. FACT: it was the hardest and the most time-consuming blog post I ever written! Bear with me if it was poorly written, you didn’t realize my struggle. haha! Not to mention I was secretly writing it in between work (ssshhhh). It was difficult to insert extra details considering I didn’t want to create a super long blog post to bore my dear readers (assuming there are). But what the heck, it was 3 days worth of post, what do we expect?!



We landed last February 27, 2017, around 4:20 PM at Kalibo International Airport safe and sound. I was with my former teammates turned friends during the entire trip to Boracay. Lucky we were to have a colleague whose hometown is Aklan, who assisted us with everything, (I mean, EVERYTHING!) especially when we needed a place to stay in Aklan before heading to Boracay Island. He was with us the whole time, by the way, but he doesn’t have a photo for this particular post as he was very keen in insisting on taking our photos instead. I KNOW! It shouldn’t be the case, but BIG thanks to you! hihi!

Sneaky photo here at the airport, because Kuya guard asked us to delete this photo, like what?! Not in any way we will delete this treasured moment. haha! Sorry! Seriously, are we not allowed to take photos here? Mabilis lang naman eh. peace y’all!


From the airport, we rode a tricycle going to their place. Luckily, it was only a 15 minutes ride cos really, I couldn’t wait any longer to fill up my hungryyy stomach. I was being hard on myself for imagining all the foods I will eat upon arrival. My bad. hihi! Who doesn’t like food anyway?!

I love their place so much. It feels comfortable, peaceful and homey. This is what I like about rural homes, the ambiance is very different compared to the city (hello? Of course!). I lived most of my life in the city, that’s why it excites me whenever I get a chance to go to the province. Although I must admit that I’m not sure how well I can survive living a long time in the province. I have a hint I’ll do just as good, as long as I have my internet connection and cellular signal available. Just a hint, though. haha!


We were elated to see home-cooked seafood dishes ready on the dining table. His family was so sweet for preparing such mouth-watering dinner for us when we only wanted was, to get a place to stay for the night. We felt the warm welcome! My inner foodie-self was insisting to go eat right away, but my blogger-self tapped my back and said, take photos first, it was an obligation! The latter won, obviously. haha! Now time to eat, FIGHT!

I ate so much that I didn’t even bother to consider the swimmies I’ll be wearing the next day. I didn’t care at all. Besides, I’m not the type who’ll deprive myself of food, unless it’s being unhealthy. FACT: I exercise, so I could EAT MORE!

After dinner, my friend toured us around the area. We went to the seaside in New Washington and stayed there for a good 30 minutes. We went to 7Eleven to buy drinks and snacks for our karaoke night and went back home by 7:30 PM. Some played cards, ate again and sang our hearts out together with his brothers, his mom and his mom’s friend. Overall, it was a fun day for us. All thanks to our friend and his fambam! Time check: 12:00 AM, time to sleep!

I really admired their genuine hospitality. It is something that we, Filipinos are known, of course. And to receive this kind of hospitality first-hand is truly heartwarming. I only wish that this tradition, this characteristic we are known for, will forever remain in the hearts of the Filipino people. At least, one of the reasons to love my own blood amidst the issues our country is facing.

NOTE: Boracay Trip Day 1 will be posted soon! Stay tuned!

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