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Warning! This isn’t the kind of blog post I usually write about. If you guys noticed, I don’t often share things about me and Jhori in my social media accounts, not as much as I did before. But not posting a lot doesn’t mean we’re on the rocks! BIG NO!

I was feeling a bit cheesy the other day so I asked Jhori to answer some questions I found from random websites. By the way, I got this Q&A inspiration from Camie’s and Aneth’s blog which I’ve read months ago. Jhori was feeling very cooperative to actually comply without a single hesitation! Both of us answered the same series of questions separately and here’s the result!

    1. What was your first impression of each other?
    Dianne: I first noticed him during one of the basketball tryouts we had in school. I was one of the organizing committee that time and I can remember him, being one of the best players in his team. At the back of my mind, how can this chubby guy run that fast?! (he is even chubbier before, FYI.) That was the first time I saw him (at least, to what I remember) but we officially met few months after that.

    Jhomari: I thought she was masungit. haha. Because it happened during a basketball tryout in school and she was the VP in our department’s official org.

    2. The other is sitting in front of the television, what is on the screen?
    Dianne: He’ll surely be watching NBA or any basketball-related shows. I. AM. VERY. SURE. But not all know that he is also fond of watching romantic comedy shows. It’s funny how he gets more kilig that I am and how he can’t stop smiling when a really cute scene appears, and I won’t get tired of teasing him EVERY time until he gets conscious about it.

    Jhomari: He loves JaDine, so probably any kind of JaDine’s tv shows.

    3. What is one food that your significant other does not like?
    Dianne: This is quite hard because he is such a foodie and he eats a lot! He even has this habit of mixing different viands or mixing different dishes that’s really odd for me. Example, he eats spaghetti with rice, like WHAAAT?!

    Jhomari: She does not like any kind of spicy foods. She just can’t tolerate the taste, she just hates it!

    4. What beverage does your significant other order when you go out to eat?
    Dianne: Anything that’s bottomless. (But now that Lebron is one of the brand ambassadors of sprite, maybe he’ll go for sprite. Talk about being a Lebron fanatic! LOL!)

    Jhomari: Maybe milkshake, better if there’s a choco flavor. She can also go and get a fruit shake. But when she’s on saving mode, mineral water will suffice.

    5. What food/meal would he/she eats every day if he/she could?
    Dianne: Walang kamatayang Sinigang! He just can’t say NO to sinigang. The more sour, the better.

    Jhomari: She likes Pasta, like carbonara, spaghetti, pesto pasta.

    6. What does your significant other do in his/her free time?
    Dianne: He’ll probably be sleeping. He is such a sleepyhead!

    Jhomari: Resting, blogging, watching series or movie. She also likes reading or maybe we will be out for a date.

    7. What is one unique talent he/she has?
    Dianne: He is good at a lot of things but one unique thing for me is, he remembers places and directions easily. Is that even a talent? (or a skill?) I really admire how he remembers places even if he has only seen the place a single time before. I’m the exact opposite, by the way.

    Jhomari: Making me smile in the silliest and craziest way with kilig. haha!

    8. You are going out to eat- what do the other decide to wear?
    Dianne: He has this certain style outfit which he calls “pormang player”. That involves wearing of slippers, shorts, t-shirt and backpack (or sling bag). That’s his go-to style whenever we’re out for a casual day out. But if the trip is something fancy, he’ll opt to wear sneakers, jeans (should be skinny. LOL!), and polo shirt.

    Jhomari: She is really very simple when it comes to dressing. She usually wears shorts, shirt and a pair of shoes (most often than not, her vans or converse shoes). But recently for some reasons, I noticed how she likes wearing skirts and dresses. Maybe it’s just for a change. haha!

    9. You are going out shopping- what do you think the other will most likely to purchase?
    Dianne: He doesn’t shop a lot. He only shops if he really needs something, urgently. But if he does, maybe it’s any sportswear, or anything NIKE! (that, if he has enough money to splurge)

    Jhomari: Dress, skirt or high waist shorts. haha!

    10. What is one thing the other love doing but most people don’t?
    Dianne: He loves imitating dance steps from TV shows and does it with so much confidence! It’s really funny how he dances in random and weirdest circumstances.

    Jhomari: Not taking a bath! (peace!) haha! (And to my defense, he takes a bath more than 3 times a day and I just don’t get what’s the need of taking a bath SO MANY times a day even if you’re just at home chilling, so he concludes I don’t take a bath. LOLOLOL!)

    11. What’s something he/she does that annoys you?
    Dianne: When he sends me text messages without smile emoticons. It looks as if he’s not interested in texting rather than he is just too occupied about something to actually compose a nice message. Totally annoying! haha!

    Jhomari: When we set a meeting time and she shows up later than the given time. And I am waiting too long already.

    12. What is your ideal date like?
    Dianne: I’m the type who’s really easy to please. Ideal for me is something that involves good food and long talks about anything random. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now, but I’m sure just like everyone else, I and him are constantly changing too. He may still be the same person four years ago but, a lot of things may have changed already, his dreams, perspective, stories. And I want to be involved in whatever change those may be.

    Jhomari: A place with a nice view because we both love the nature and of course, ideal is somewhere with good food!

    13. What do you argue about the most?
    Dianne: I seriously can’t think of anything. Hmmm. Maybe there’s really no particular thing that we usually argue about. Those just come from random things, especially when we’re not in the mood or something.

    Jhomari: Where to eat!

    14. What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?
    Dianne: A LOT! One is him, being supportive about everything I’d like to do. He laughs with me, cries with me. He makes me push myself to my limits and make me believe that despite twists and turns, I am still capable if I try a little harder. He believes in me, always. Everyone says I am his cheerleader, that may be true but really, he is MY very own cheerleader.

    Jhomari: She is very loving, not only to me but to everyone. She has a kind heart and is very genuine. And she continuously loving me and not stopping.

    15. What is the best part about your relationship?
    Dianne: Maybe, it’s the littlest things we do for each other that count the best.

    Jhomari: It’s when we start laughing and laughing, when we workout together, when we are running together.

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