SM Department Store Mini Haul

Can you believe that this is my first ever haul blog post in my almost a decade of blogging? It’s weird cos I love reading haul posts or watching haul videos on YT. But it also justifies cos I’m not really a frequent shopper and I only shop when I needed something or whenever I stumble a really cute item that’s within my budget. Self-control in shopping is a skill, agree? haha! Anyway, I bought these items a few weeks ago at SM Department Store using the Php 3,000 worth of Sodexo certificate given to me. There’s nothing really fancy with the items I bought but these are the basics that I believe should be part of every girl’s closet!

Parisian Elora in taupe

First on the list is this Parisian Elora flat shoes in taupe worth Php 599.75. FACT: Most of the shoes I own are sneakers and running shoes. I’m trying to think but I can barely remember the last time I bought a pair of toe-covered flats, aka doll shoes. I’m definitely a sneakers kind of girl but, this pair of parisian flats is nice to have cos it’s easy to pair with the kind of clothes I have at home. And hello, this is part of the basics! Why am I still explaining?! haha!

Parisian Nadine in Beige

Another one from the same brand is this Parisian Nadine shoes in Beige worth Php 699.75. I know, I know! They’re ALMOST the same color. On my defense, I supposed to be getting the nude pink one but it was already out of stock for my size. So I settled for this cos it’s one of the safest shade for shoes, at least for me. I had similar shoes like this before, almost the same color too. Loafers type of shoes are comfortable even during long walks, so this is a wise purchase.

Penshoppe Power Stretch Highwaist Jeans

I thought I needed a new high waist jeans cos I keep buying crop tops yet I only own a few highwaist jeans/shorts. This one is a Penshoppe Power Stretch Highwaist Jeans worth Php 999.00. I like its washed kind of design plus the stretchy material. The length is just right for me too. That’s actually one of the things I consider when buying jeans. I don’t know why most of the local brands sell shorter lengths for jeans. huhu! I’m not even thaaaat tall considering my 5’3″ height.

Darlington footcover

Bought two of this Darlington footcover worth Php 289.75 each. Who wouldn’t need socks anyway? Also, am I the only one who keep losing socks?! I don’t know where on earth these socks are going but they keep on missing! huhu!

WWW cap

Now we are down to the last item. This one is a WWW cap worth Php 279.75. I liked wearing caps these days especially now that my hair is shorter. My hair is not naturally silky straight if not rebonded. It has been a year since my last hair rebonding treatment, so the waves are now starting to get noticeable mostly at the back. I needed to blowdry or iron my hair to make it look more decent. But during days when I don’t feel like putting extra effort, then that’s when wearing caps come handy.

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