Three Years at Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

I honestly regret not bringing a decent camera with me yesterday night. These photos don’t give any justice on how nice and romantic this place really is. This place is found near the busy street of Katipunan, which is just near to where I am living. I will talk more about the place some other time. But I tell you, this place is superb!

So yeah, happy three years to us! We didn’t have any planned activity for yesterday since he had his errands to do that day which, I can say, is more important than what I mentioned, yes, talk about priorities. Instead of spending the whole day together doing some sort of activity, he ended up planning a candlelight dinner for the two of us. I wasn’t really expecting anything whoops! that’s a lie! because of some circumstances few days before, but I’m glad that everything turned up to be so perfect. The moment I set my eyes on this place for the first time was beyond words. This is the kind of set up I only see on tv. The ambiance was perfect, the candles, the petals, and did I mentioned that the food was good too? Such a peaceful place inside a busy city. After dinner, we headed to a movie house just near the area, and I agreed to watch Fantastic 4 just because Miles Teller is part of the film. But sorry, it’s not as good as what I had expected.

It feels just like yesterday when we’re just starting, I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach. I’m all smiles right now having to think of the three happy years that had passed.

EDIT:// Updated the title with the restaurant’s name.

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