Hello! I’m Dianne.

I’m a 20-ish Computer Engineering graduate from the sunny side, Philippines and the brainchild behind Sun-kissed Wanderer. I’m working as a full-time IT specialist somewhere in the City. My heart melts for puppies, chocolates and purple, while I continue to despise pizzas, numbers and spicy flavored foods. When I’m out of work, I usually waste my time in facebook, instagram and twitter. I’m a creative lass with a secret mission to one day explore the world through roads and plane tickets!

I’m an on-and-off blogger since I was 15 years old, back when blogging was still a very personal thing. Blogosphere has changed a lot over the years thus, making myself a newbie once again. I blog to document highlights of my life with hopes of one day, when I grow old, I will be reminded of how extra amazing my life really has been.