Health Practices I Learned At Home

Just recently, I shared a photo in my facebook account saying something about encarta, yes, that very useful knowledge based application that was very popular before. I received quite a number of likes and comments from my fellow 90’s kids that made me even more nostalgic about my girlhood days before technology ruled over. Now I am being reminded on how amazing those days were. There were a lot of things I learned from the past that I still apply up to this day. Things regarding health are the best!

Like any other parents, my parents too, would tell us to sleep in the afternoon to rest and regain energy. And I can still remember how me and my sisters would sneak out and play Bahay-bahayan with my friends nearby. We were always full of energy and enthusiasm. I was able to play a lot of traditional Filipino games back then and I wouldn’t trade that memory to anything else. I learned the importance of getting into physical activities to help build stronger heart and stamina while growing up.

Even at such a young age, my parents and grandparents would instilled in me the importance of health despite having so much fun. I can remember wanting to play under the rain but they wouldn’t allow me to. It was soooo hard for me to watch my friends have fun while I can’t do anything but to stay inside our house beside the window trying to hold back tears. But I understood why.

Biogesic Paracetamol Unilab

Kids are more prone to sickness unlike adults, good thing that there was biogesic available that my mom would give us to take in every time we felt like having fevers. This medicine is still a big help even up to today. Before, my parents would tell us to eat something first before taking in a paracetamol. And I’m happy that today, we can take it in, anytime we feel the need to (thanks John Lloyd!). For the record, I always have biogesic with me every time I go out. It’s a necessity for emergencies!

I love how Unilab protects me and my family from further health dilemma.

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