My First Hike: Mt. Pamitinan

I had my first hiking experience last April 9, 2015 at Mt. Pamitinan in Rodriguez, Rizal. It was so memorable not only because it’s my first but because for a person who lacks physical strength like me (well, due to the lifestyle I grew up with), I did not imagine, ever in my life that I am capable of doing such as this. I couldn’t agree more, that we should not and never underestimate our ability to do things beyond what we can imagine. So to break the record, tadhaaaaa! I survived my first hike!

If you are looking for a hiking experience that’s near the metro, I suggest you try Mt. Pamitinan. It is located in Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal that’s an hour to 1 and a half hour drive away from Cubao, Quezon City where I live. You can choose Mt. Pamitinan or Mt. Binacayan to hike, or if you are into more extreme adventure then choose Mt. Binacayan – Mt. Pamitinan Traverse Twin Day Hike. Aside from hiking, you can also go on side trips and enjoy Bat Cave and Binacayan Cave, experience rock climbing in Mt. Pamitinan, and swim by Wawa Dam. I have yet to experience those side trips, by the way.

I swear with all my heart that I experienced both physical and emotional stress during my climb. Take it from me, it wasn’t easy for first-timers. Did I mention that I don’t usually perspire a lot, that’s how weird my body is, but my body reacted differently during this hike. I experienced heavy sweating all over my body while I catch my breath to every step I had to make. Despite all these, I knew I was doing a pretty good job because we rarely stop to take a break, or when we do, it’s only for few minutes and usually for picture taking and drinking of water. Next thing I knew, we’re already near the top!

Mt. Pamitinan is steep and rocky, that added difficulty for this hike. There are instances that I had to pull myself upward so I can proceed to the next step. I say, it requires a lot of physical strength. Photo below is the rocky part before the summit. You have to climb this rocky wall to reach the top. The photo doesn’t give any justice on how difficult and scary this part really is. They say, this is called the “buwis-buhay” part, which I can totally agree with. Right when I saw and knew that I have to climb this rocky wall before reaching the summit, I’ve decided not to continue anymore. So, I spent few minutes on that position while battling my thoughts whether to go or not. But I told myself that this experience doesn’t happen everyday, and if others can, why can’t I?

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You see? I made it! We were the first few who reached the summit that day. I can’t believe I’ve seen the beauty I saw on top right in front of my eye. It made me crave for more mountains to climb and it keeps me wanting even more. The gush of the wind, the clear blue sky, the rays of sunshine, the strong leafy trees down below and everything that God has beautifully made are worthy of all the struggles while I’m on my way.


I am definitely be doing this again, and again, and again. And as of writing, I have conquered another mountain somewhere in Batangas. I’ll share my Mt. Maculot story some other time. Stay tuned!

**Did I mention I had to go to work after my Mt. Pamitinan hike? I spent 10 hours in the office after that day hike. Spell wonder woman here!

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