5 Must-Haves On Your Next Beach Trip

beach trip must haves
This year is by far the most frequent I have been to the beach. I kicked off the year by camping in one of the beach gems found in the north and I continued to be fascinated at the sight of different islands as the months went on. This year I can proudly say, I fell in love with the beach even more. By that, it’s safe to say that I already came up with my own imaginary handy-dandy list of anything beach-related. So I thought, why not write it down? Hence, this blog post. I’m starting off with a quick list of my suggested must-haves on your next beach trip. Read on!

Light Clothing

If you want to master the art of packing light, you have to start by bringing a comfortable set of light clothing in your beach bag. Try to mix and match what you have, and choose fabrics that are thin and flowy such as chiffon blouse from Rosegal, any easy dress you like, or multi-way shirts.


Admit it, we all need this. Aside from adding style to your overall beach outfit, mirror sunglasses for women and men also help protect our eyes from UV rays. It’s important not only on sunny days but count cloudy days too. I know you have your favorite sunnies sitting in your drawer, then now’s the perfect time to put it to use!

Sun Protection

Aside from wearing sunnies, never ever skip applying sunscreen creams/lotion before hitting the waves. It’s always advisable to put on skin protection from the harmful rays of the sun. We all need this, whether you are fair or dark. Choose a sunscreen that’s at least contains SPF 30 and reapply every 2-3 hours if you can.


Scarf isn’t always part of the usual must-have list when hitting the beach but I’m adding it to mine cos I’m a fan! I love how useful and versatile scarfs can be when going on a trip – a beach trip to be exact. I use it during the long road trip going to the destination, can be used as a cover-up, a substitute for roundies, or extra clothing piece when cold temperature hits.


Add up a camera to document everything! Need I say more? You may always use your mobile phone if a camera isn’t available. Just squeeze in your creative juices and your photos will for sure look stunning!

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