Many Thanks, 2017

Many Thanks 2017

I was checking my previous blog posts and felt bad realizing I didn’t write any year-end post last year. I guess it’s a good motivation to write a last minute blog post today. I know I have been so inactive but hey, I’m still alive and I won’t skip keeping some of my highlighted memories in words before this amazing year concludes in less than 24 hours. You know, 2017 has been so awesome not to share.

A Well-Traveled Year

2017 has been by far the most well-traveled year for me. This homebody girl went out and discovered beautiful places, took photos and fell in love with the art of packing light. I haven’t been to a lot of places but I’m slowly ticking off some on my list which is the best thing ever! I bought discounted plane tickets, booked accommodations, chilled in a tent, slept on a long road ride, nodded a go for last-minute trips, went on the flow, enjoyed life and its spontaneity. This year is when I fell in love with my tan A LOT more, caused by adventures I put myself into.

  • Camped at beautiful islands of Zambales – Agnaim Cove, Potipot, Anawangin and Capones Islands.
  • Jumped on a 40-ft high cliff in Mariveles, Bataan. Enjoyed the beach life at Puerto Galera which you guys have already been to but, the first time for me.
  • Boarded a plane away from the city to Boracay Island twice this year, toured around Cebu City, stepped my feet on the sand of Malapascua and braved my most highlighted adventure to date – canyoneering.
  • Went out of the country for the first time in my life with the whole fam! Singapore and Malaysia – checked!
  • Joined short distance travels with friends and family.

Of Self-Improvements

Every year we sure learn a thing or two. Some are big and some are small. These are the things that helped you grow and the same things that somewhat made you feel proud. I have mine to share too! I may not have achieved some of the goals I intended for this year, I’m still happy that a better me is the one moving to a brand new year. Today, I plan not to focus on my failures but on my tiny-little achievements.

  • Sported the shortest hair I’ve ever had since high school which I’ve long been wanting to do.
  • Put lots of courage to put myself out there through my Youtube Channel. Filmed videos, created content and improved my video editing skill. I’ve been inactive for the past few months but I’ll be back soon.
  • Tried selling stuff through facebook. I always wanted to do it but my shyness was eating me up. Selling wasn’t new to me as I had an IG shop before but only a few offline friends know about it cos again, I was shy. I might do it again soon if ever I come up with good products to sell and if time permits as well.
  • Led two outreach programs (feeding program for the kids) under an organization in my workplace. Helped create visually appealing email campaigns at work and have it sent to more than 6,000 email addresses. All of these I did on top of my normal operational work. It made working even more worthwhile!
  • Reconnected with friends. Made new friends.
  • Finally learned to apply full-face makeup through youtube tutorials. Yaaaay! The learning is underway but I’m quite happy that I can now do decent makeup looks on my own. I hit two birds in one stone by having to add another skill and saving extra money instead of hiring a professional MUA.
  • Improved my swimming skills! For a girl who’s loving the beach vibe, learning how to swim is a MUST. I’m slowly getting there y’all!
  • Got a driver’s license and can now drive without a company. It still needs practicing especially on busy roads but the point is, I now can! Driving is a very useful skill to have don’t you think?

Reasons to Give Thanks

If I will list all the names of people and events of my life that made my 2017 extra amazing, then I might not be able to finish writing in 2017. I’m rushing now, you guys! We still need to prepare for NYE. haha. But kidding aside, this year has just been filled with lots of happy things that I really wanted to be as detailed as I can but obviously can’t cos this is a public page which means I have to be vague for the most part.

  • To friends I have for keeps. You guys are the bomb! Thank you for sticking around. You know who you are.
  • To the people who sent appreciation on the things I do – vlog, blog, digital designs and anything creative, thank you loves! It may not look as if, but know that you made me kilig!
  • To the brands I worked with despite me being very inactive. They were only a few but I’m always grateful!
  • To the people I met online who share the same passion as I am, thanks a bunch for selflessly sharing what you guys know about this field and at the same time showing support to each and other. You guys are the best!
  • This is the year when Jhori and I hardly see each other but this is also the year when I grew so much as a person. I appreciate him respecting the time I have for my passion projects, myself, family and friends. We may not always together but we know we got each other’s backs no matter what.
  • I won’t miss thanking my fam. They’ve been there through everything!
  • I’m grateful for all the crazy adventures I had this year, the good and the bad ones combined (mostly good, though).
  • I thank the positive ball of energy within me that I can’t even recall any unhappy circumstances I had for this year, while I write this at least. I’m pretty sure there were, lots of them even. Being forgetful isn’t so bad after all.
  • I thank God for this genuine happiness. I thank Him for always guarding my heart and never letting me drown from any form of misery and sadness. I thank Him for helping me cope up from failures and self-doubt. I thank Him for providing everything I need through His ways. I survived this year because I’m so much loved and protected.

Now, that’s it! NYE is in 5-hour time as of writing and I’m holding onto my trust that 2018 will be filled with more exciting adventures, more amazing people and more achievements to tick off from my list! I hope to still see you all next year. 2018, let’s start!

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