Many Thanks, 2019

I’ve counted the days until my most awaited 2-week long vacation from work, only to find out I’ll get sick later! It’s definitely not the most ideal way to enjoy the holidays isn’t? I caught cough and colds from a few days ago and I’m still recovering while I type this blog. I know I haven’t been so active and I feel like nobody reads this blog anymore but this girl has to do what she got to do!

It has been my yearly practice to write a year-ender ever since 2017. So even if I seldom write or never at all, at least, I still have that one lengthy post to look back to whenever I need to. Of course, this one includes.

I’ve poured so much heart into writing my 2018 year-end post and I must say it was a sad yet a brave chapter for me. Funny how one year can slowly move someone’s life a 360-degree turn from months after months. It’s the fruit of mind-conditioning, decision-making and overcoming fears. So many things happened in a span of one whole year. And just like that, I’m now in a totally different headspace from one year ago.

Let me rundown my 2019 highlights in list like I usually do.

  • Being the kaladkarin girl I am, I joined a spontaneous hike with friends in Tanay, Rizal. I can still remember how cold it was up there at the peak of Mt. Mapalad.
  • We took a long bus ride after work to the place where broken happy hearts go, Sagada! It was so surreal drinking my hot brewed coffee while breathing the cold fresh mountain air of Sagada. I have so much to tell about Sagada but, it may take up a whole blog post for it alone. So I’m skipping all the talking for now.
  • Passed my first ever Microsoft certification exam.
  • Fast forward to April, I left my 4-year workplace to jumpstart a new job. I grew so much in that workplace and gained many friends.
  • Lots of road trips, food trips aka Samgyupsal in between. I gained 9 lbs in total in a span of 3 months!
  • On my 26th birthday, an opportunity came along. It was when I received, officially, a job offer to work abroad. What are the odds of receiving such news on the exact day of your birthday?
  • The following day, I joined a group of learners and finally tried freediving in an open water exposure at Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas. It was my very first time wearing fins and it made me so proud to be able to do this solo, no friends, just me, bow. It was fun! I have a whole separate blog post for that, check it out!
  • Went to La Union for the second time. I skipped surfing due to the bad weather but fortunately, I was able to visit Tagadan Falls and tried the famous Halo-Halo De Iloko. My sweet tooth was happy dancing.
  • Hit the beach once again when I and my friends went on a budget-trip at Magalawa Island in Palauig, Zambales. There was a slight mishap at the beginning but we were still able to enjoy the rest of the day right after.
  • Had my rook piercing done at Don Antonio Tattoo.
  • Watched Lion King twice in the cinema. I mean, that’s LION KING.
  • Sang along with LANY at MOA Arena. This was marked as my first ever concert to attend to in my 26 years of living. I’m such a baby, I know.
  • Lost my eyeglasses at Treasure Mountains in Tanay, Rizal with my parents.
  • Relaxed at our tall bahay kubo at Birdland Beach Club in Bolinao, Pangasinan and prayed in Our Lady Of Manaoag, the day after. It was an almost canceled trip due to bad weather and unforeseen circumstances but we pulled through!
  • Insert lots of coffee dates with friends. Plus, a buffet dinner at NIU while satisfying my gastronomic cravings! Again, I gained a few lbs after.
  • Come August, I flew to Singapore to kickstart a new career. The first few days were spent with my family. The rest was me, leveling up with adulting and living the independent life.
  • I didn’t have many travels after moving to Singapore. I had to cancel my supposed to be Bicol Trip in October and Japan Trip in November because my prorated leaves wouldn’t suffice. No regrets, I can still do that later.
  • Additional skill acquired this year is learning how to cook!

That’s it! I might have missed a thing or two but these are what my IG stories told me so far. I was running through my archive while I was typing cos, I just couldn’t trust my memory to recall everything. haha! Some things remained to be undocumented and I’m keeping it to myself. Now, I’m all for a bountiful new year ahead to all of us! May we have more love to give and more generosity to share while we continuously receive abundance in the coming year. Happy New Year, everyone!

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Author: Dianne

She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. A full time IT Specialist based in Singapore who enjoys designing, reading and blogging. She fuels her day with a cup of good coffee in the morning and concludes the night thinking about life.