Overnight Staycation at Camp Netanya, Anilao, Batangas

I’ve been seeing nice photos and good feedback around social media about this Santorini-inspired resort in Anilao, Batangas for quite some time now. This resort was one of the choices I have in mind to take a visit back when we were still planning this whole family trip. After weighing my choices, I ended up booking a Superior Queen room in Camp Netanya through Agoda for Php 13,691.61 (inclusive of tax and service charge + one extra bed) good for 5 persons.

Camp Netanya: Santorini of Anilao, Batangas

We arrived around 2:00 PM in Camp Netanya last January 2, 2020. We were happily greeted by the staffs and assisted us with our bags and then directed us straight to the reception area. We deposited Php 2,000 cash (refundable upon check out) as funds in case of any loss and damages we may have during our overnight stay. They also handed us a note with all the house rules while inside the resort and everything we need to know during our stay.

Camp Netanya: The Room

The room has two queen size beds that are good for 4 persons. But since we were 5, we availed 1 extra bed worth Php 1000.00. The room was not as classy as the overall interior of Camp Netanya but it was decent enough. We saw a small stain on the sheet too. I can say that the price is expensive for that kind of room, given that the price we paid does not even include free breakfast. Anyway, it was still okay. We had wifi, flat screen cable TV, clean bathroom with bathtub, complimentary instant coffees, etc.

I don’t have that many photos of the room but if you’re curious, you may watch my Camp Netanya vlog to see my mini room tour. Everything is in there.

Camp Netanya: Santorini Architecture

Every corner in this place is very picturesque. You can just stand anywhere, take a shot and just like that, you already have an instagram-ready photo – not even kidding. From the entrance, you will see the beautifully designed lounge. Even hallways can be a very nice backdrop. Every piece of furniture is carefully picked as it compliments the theme. The place didn’t disappoint me interior-wise. It was beautiful. Scroll down to see.

Greeka All Day Dining Restaurant

After settling everything, it was time to eat dinner. We opted to dine in their dining restaurant inside Camp Netanya which is called the Greeka All Day Dining Restaurant. We were supposed to bring in some dishes just like the usual Filipino family trips go however, we were informed that we can only bring light meals like snacks, chips or sandwiches. They said they don’t allow rice, any kind of dish or alcoholic beverages. So, no choice but to stick with what’s available. Also, we do not want to go through the hassle of driving again outside just to look for food to eat.

We ordered Batangas lomi, kare kare, grilled pusit and grilled tuna belly. I liked everything, actually. Their kare-kare is a bit sweet than the usual kare-kare but it’s still okay. It’s quite pricey but the serving is generous enough. I wasn’t able to take note of the prices – apologies for that.

After dinner, we took so many photos and watched the sunset. Sunset was so pretty in Camp Netanya. I’m in so much awe with the beautifully painted sky plus the wonderful panoramic view of Balayan Bay.

Infinity Pool

Around 8:00 pm, we decided to have a quick dip in the swimming pool. It’s a 25-meter infinity lap pool that’s open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM everyday. It’s divided into three depth levels. The first one is the most shallow at around 3ft. It’s also quite warm for some reason. The second is at around 5ft. While the third is at 12ft. The water is cold at night but I got used to it eventually. We stayed there for roughly an hour. Swimming has been very relaxing to me and I recalled how I needed that the most during that day. It gave me so much peace.

The next morning, we decided to try their breakfast buffet. The buffet costs Php 500.00 per person. They served bacon, hotdog, omelette, longganisa, bread, soup, coffee, juice, and a few more which I already forgot. This was when I got disappointed with the service. Food wasn’t that good, only a few choices were available and the refill was quite slow so we had to wait until the food is available. I’m not sure if they didn’t have that much food prepared or it’s really how it is there everyday. Given that it’s Php 500.00 per person, it’s not worth it.

Final Thoughts

  • The concept is great and they were able to pull off their Santorini-inspired theme for the overall feel and look of the resort.
  • Perfect for a family outing.
  • Either you want a laid back vacation or try some fun activities like kayak, dive and trek, island hopping, snorkeling, etc.
  • Breakfast buffet needs improvements, definitely.
  • Booking is fast and hassle-free through agoda.
  • Wifi is available from almost everywhere inside Camp Netanya which is good.

Camp Netanya: Resort & Spa
Book through Agoda
Brgy Ligaya, Mabini Batangas, 4202 Philippines

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