Empire Fashion Cafe

Empire Fashion Cafe

I’ve been following Empire Fashion Cafe’s instagram account for quite a while now, but I haven’t really had the chance to visit the place, not until today. We were supposed to hit the gym earlier when laziness struck real hard, and we ended going to this place, to my insisting. I like the idea of getting different online shops join together into one physical shop, that is Empire Fashion Cafe. The place is not as spacious as what I had expected, but it has a lot to offer still. You can literally #shopchillrepeat inside. There were various clothing items to choose from. Count foot wear, beauty product and gadgets as well. I hate that I wasn’t able to haul anything today, not because I didn’t find anything pretty but because I tend to be frugal these days (I’m saving up for something!). I swear, I had to convince myself several times to bring back the items I’d like to buy. But yes, will definitely go back here!

Website: http://empirefashioncafe.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/empirefashioncafe/
Address: 10 Lilac St. Concepcion Dos, Marikina City

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