Of Embracing Change

Of Embracing Change
I just came back from my recent trip few days ago and I’m trying my best to get my head straight cos I’m still in my vacation hangover. I’ll for sure be sharing deets about the places we visited and activities we did in the coming days. But for now, I just wanted to sit and share a hint of a life lately post which tackles mostly about the changes I’ve been through for the past months, hence, the title, obviously. Let’s start?

Domain Name

Have you noticed the change of my blog’s URL? Yes? Thanks! This domain name, diannekarol.com isn’t really new. I owned this back in 2009 (I guess?) but stopped renewing it for privacy reasons. My teenage self wasn’t comfortable sharing my blog with my offline friends but, they started discovering it through google and I had no other option but to take it down. Guess I’m now more mature and knowledgeable on what to and what not to share online to actually click the purchase button to buy again this domain name, MY name. All thanks to my blogger friend, Nadine for the super smooth domain name transition. She has always been helpful whenever I get WordPress problems.

WordPress Theme

What do you think about this blog’s new look? Thanks to Clint for sharing this really nice minimalist theme! I had to tweak it a little to make it more personalized but I left the structure just the same. The fixing is still underway and I haven’t really started updating the pages yet. I will, soon!


To make it short, I just moved to another team last month. It was a sudden move and I wasn’t really mentally prepared for it. Good things come when we least expect it, I guess. I am happy despite the adjustments I had to make which were all part of me, moving out from my comfort zone.

  • Job Description
  • The world of IT is huge! The one I’m in right now is a totally different department compared to my former job tasks. It’s a whole new technology and knowledge for me which I’m still learning day by day. It excites me and scares me both at once, and I’m loving this change so far.

  • People
  • Along with changing teams is meeting new people to interact with. I’m never good at initiating conversations. I get socially awkward and sometimes look timid at first. That’s why being in another group of people can be quite a big adjustment for me. But I’m happy that while I’m still adjusting, my new teammates help me by being welcoming and supportive (I still miss my former teammates though). I think a collaborative work-space, whilst taking me out of my comfort zone, is really going to help me grow!

  • Workplace
  • What I love about the sudden move was the change of my work location. My new team is based in another branch which is just 20 minutes away from where I live. I bid farewell to my almost 2-hour travel time going to work! Never going to miss the travel hassle!

Mobile Postpaid Plan

I finally gave in and applied for a postpaid plan. For the longest time, I was refusing to enroll for a plan cos I felt like it would just add up to my monthly bills and it felt more like a want than a need. Then after several attempts and computations, I realized, I will almost be paying the same amount if ever I’ll avail one. Everything was smooth until three days ago when I received excess charges which I don’t even know where on earth came from! I’m still settling this with Globe. I hope they’ll be able to fix this the soonest.

That’s all! This is just a quick update before another travel series I’ll be doing on my succeeding post

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