Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol.1

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy, some of these may be little and simple that we forget to acknowledge on a daily basis. I’m guilty to this too! So I decided to join this blog link-up called Friday’s 10 Happy Things (instead of letting another day pass without a new blog update. hihi). Here are 10 things that made me smile this week! Let’s start?

  1. Tried pole fitness for the very first time last Tuesday. Despite all the bruises and body sore that caused by it, it still deserves to be on this list!
  2. Yesterday marks my first month with the new company I’m in. I’m still adjusting though and I know I’ve been so introvert ever since I started. I have to flip this off!
  3. Started drafting my sister’s wordpress theme on photoshop.
  4. Work schedule for October has already been posted, glad that my schedule is free from work on October 4 for Run United. Who else will be joining?
  5. Went to the mall with mom and brought home lumpiang sariwa, yum yum!
  6. I was browsing some blogs few minutes ago when I stumbled upon a familiar face on a gravatar photo, I took a closer look and clicked on her blog. And yes! I discovered that this blogger is my former colleague from my previous company and what’s more amazing is that, I didn’t know all along that I knew her as a blogger years before I even met her in person (the reason why her name sounds familiar to me when she was first introduced to us). FYI, we don’t belong in the same team so we barely see each other and we never get a chance to talk, but I know her because she is a very close friend of my teammate.
  7. Visited my dentist and got my braces adjusted yesterday, few more months to go and I’ll get rid of this thing on my teeth already!
  8. Ate scrambled egg, tuyo and fried rice for breakfast today which my Dad prepared before we woke up.
  9. Done with my service readiness assessment at work, and I believe I did pretty well. *I hope!
  10. Downloaded new fonts last night.
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