Nth Attempt to Blog Again

I was so close to abandoning this blog like how I usually do it when I come from a long blogging break. Thought I’ll just get another domain and start all over but opening my dashboard today helped refuel my long lost motivation to continue what I’ve started here. I’m glad I ruled over the thought of leaving while I’m writing this today coz this blog means so much to me more than the previous blogs I had. So that’s basically my welcoming intro because just saying “I’m back” is too boring, isn’t? haha!

Since I’m officially out from being an irresponsible blogger, let me give you a quick look back to my 2016 (wait, what?!) and a few other things happened that we can safely blame as the cause of my blogging hiatus. Mind you, I still can’t believe I’m actually writing this! I’ll try to make this post as short as I can, not to bore you with a lengthy comeback post but because I’m still lazy like that. Forgive me!

My last blog post was about my Mt. Binacayan hike, maybe we can start from there. So these are what happened, things I remember at least.

Travel Escapades

Pandin Lake
Potipot Island Zambales

Me and my colleagues went to Pandin Lake in San Pablo, Laguna last November 26, 2016. The initial plan was to go to Fortune Island in Batangas but the weather was terrible that we had to cancel it last minute. But since everything was already settled, it wouldn’t be so nice to cancel the entire trip itself, which is why we opted to go with our plan B, that is, Pandin Lake. It was a budget-friendly trip which only cost us less than Php 1,000.00 per pax including our dinner at Bulalo sa Banga. Foods there were the bomb, I don’t mind going back!

Next travel adventure happened last January 26, 2017 in Zambales. I joined Jhori and his friends at Potipot Island and Crystal Beach Resort for a 3-days-2-nights escapade. It was my first time to go camping on an island and it was amazing! I coudn’t count how many times I told Jhori about how fascinating the night sky was from that place. I attempted to capture the sky through my camera but failed to give justice as to how beautiful it really was in actual.

Mountain Climbing

Mt Batolusong and Mt Hapunang Banoi Rizal

I conquered two mountains in Rizal while I was away as well. First was Mt. Hapunang Banoi in Rodriguez, Rizal last November 28, 2016 while the second one was Mt. Batolusong in Tanay, Rizal last January 20, 2017. Mt. Hapunang Banoi was the last leg of the trio, Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan, to name the two. I mentioned from my last post that I was considering hiking this mountain anytime soon, and I just did. The trail was rocky as expected and was very different to Mt. Batolusong which was mostly grassy and plane. Both were day hikes and were within my Php 500.00 budget. I might do a separate post containing all mountains I’ve hiked as beginner’s guide soon. So I won’t elaborate as much here for now.

Fitness and Running Event

711 Run 2017 Skyway

7-Eleven Run 2017 happened a week ago, February 5, 2017 to be exact. Our usual routes were around Mall of Asia or Bonifacio Global City but this time, it was on Skyway and it was my first you guys! Me and Jhori were part of wave I, thus, gun start was set at 2:25 AM. We were already around the area at approximately 1:00 AM and did a lot of food tasting here and there. 7-Eleven has always been very generous when it comes to freebies, mainly because of the number of sponsors they have. Finished the race strong in less than 3 hours, not bad.


Now let’s proceed to other things that occupied most of my time aside from those I’ve mentioned above. I’m officially welcoming myself to the world of Kdrama! I finished watching Legend of the Blue Sea, Goblin and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, all since the year started. I intentionally went on a Kdrama break up until now coz of priorities, but I might still do once in a while. December was a pretty busy month for me too because of all the year-end parties that took place at work. What I like about helping out with organising such, is the fulfillment after finishing all the work and seeing the fruit of the hard work. Of course, I wouldn’t forget the Holidays! We celebrated the holidays at home and I was so glad to have my days off plotted on the holidays. With the kind of work I do, you’re already lucky if you’re on a day off during the holiday, IT peeps should know! I’m also excited to tell you guys that I already have my running buddies at work! Yey! Part of our goal this year is to be fit and healthy as much as we can. We go jogging after work near our office and we do it for at least 3 times a week. Let’s cross our fingers that this is going to be a long-term activity we can join together.

That was it! I told you this is going to be a short post (isn’t?). I tried hard to squeeze in everything and I hope I did good though. See you on my next post! Kamsamnida!

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