Journey to 22

I know it would have been better if I posted this 21 days earlier than today. But I want to take this time to thank all of the people who greeted me and wished me a happy happy happy birthday last June 14. All your messages were loved and so much appreciated and I couldn’t be more than happy because of that. It was an amazing birthday month for me this year. I received an amazing news on the very beginning of the month. Good news and sweet surprises keep on coming until today. I know we all are beyond blessed everyday and I am too, but, I feel extra blessed this time. Let us keep these things vague for now.

Before I say good night, let me share this e-card (click!) sent by my team in the office. Messages are from the most special people in my life. This e-card was sent through the mail box on the exact day of my birthday. Again, thank you, everyone and have a comfy sleep on a cold rainy night!

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Author: Dianne

She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. A full time IT Specialist based in Singapore who enjoys designing, reading and blogging. She fuels her day with a cup of good coffee in the morning and concludes the night thinking about life.