Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol.4

It has been a while since I last posted my Friday’s 10 Happy Things. I knew I really can’t commit of doing this blog link-up religiously, even from the start, but hello, I’m trying! haha! This post will cover my two weeks stories since there were a lot of happy things that happened recently. Shall we start?

  1. Celebrated my Dad’s birthday last Sunday!
  2. My application for FWD’s life insurance has already been approved last December 9. Another thing to cross off my list!
  3. You may know that I’m wearing metal teeth braces for almost four years now, and I’m so happy that finally my bottom teeth braces has been removed just this morning. We have to observe some teeth movements first until next month before I can finally say bye-bye to my upper teeth braces too. I can’t wait!
  4. I availed Skin Station’s Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal promo and it’s a real steal! I’ve finished my first session this morning, my next session is scheduled 6 weeks after today. I’ll be drafting a separate blog post for this. Expect it next year after I finished the 8 sessions ‘coz I’d like to wait and see the result first before publishing the complete review, so you better stay tuned!
  5. Our Year End Party was a success! We had a Great Gatsy Themed Party last December 10 at Astoria Plaza and I love that I didn’t spend any amount for my costume. You see, it’s practical to borrow clothes sometimes. Hihi!
  6. In line with our Year End Party, I won a gift certificate from The Spa Wellness. This bed weather is so perfect for a nice deluxe massage isn’t?
  7. We had our team dinner last December 16 at TGIF in BGC. I’m glad that we had another opportunity to chat outside our working environment. I really appreciate events like this, because it paves a way for me to get to know my teammates more.
  8. My 10 days off started today! Seriously, that’s freaking TEN DAYS!
  9. Venice Grand Canal Mall is now open for public. I’m working in Mckinley Hill so that’s just few meters away from our office. yey!
  10. I still remember the days when I used to host blog contests few years back. But since I am not as active as I was, I decided to collaborate with these lovely ladies for this Christmas Giveaway! We are giving away fab fab items! Check it out –> Christmas 2015 International Giveaway
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